16 Nutella Recipes

Are you a fan of Nutella? I know that’s a “duh” question isn’t it? It’s like asking, “Is the sky blue?”, “Is the grass green?”, or “Do moms sneak and eat chocolate when the kids are fast asleep?” I mean seriously —- everyone loves Nutella!

favorite nutella recipes

This week I did some Nutella recipe hunting. I dug deep into my favorite food blogs and found some decadent recipes I know you’re going to love! How could you not? Of course I threw in a few of my own Nutella recipes in case you missed them, but most of the recipes are from my blogging heroes! You know they have to be good!

So grab a jar of Nutella and pick one, two or sixteen of these recipes below and give it a go!

*Disclaimer* I will not be held responsible for any weight gain during your baking and eating process.

Eat and bake with caution.

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Ready to try out some new Nutella recipes? Ready, set, bake!

16 Nutella Recipes

  1. Love cupcakes? Then Chef in Training has you covered with Nutella Cupcakes with Nutella Butter-cream Frosting. Need I say more?
  2. Cheesecake and chocolate pie all mixed together in this Nutella Cookies and Cream Pie from Inside BruCrew Life.
  3. Looking for a fun snack to make your kiddos after nap? These Nutella Sandwich Cookies are the perfect, quick go-to plan!
  4. Want to enjoy the flavor of Nutella without heating up the oven? Try these No-bake Nutella S’mores Granola Bars from Inside BruCrew Life.
  5. Nutella in the morning, Nutella in the evening, Nutella at suppertime. Need a way to work Nutella into your morning meal? Try these Nutella Pancakes from Daisy Cottage Designs for a chocolately breakfast!
  6. Need a quick dip for a party? This Nutella Whip Dip is just the recipe you need! Ready in minutes!
  7. How cute are these Nutella Bites from Melissa’s Cuisine?
  8. Picky Palate is speaking my chocolate language with these Salted Caramel Nutella Shortbread Bars.
  9. After all those cookies, I think we need a healthy recipe! Here’s an Nutella Oatmeal Bar Recipe from CookinCanuck.
  10. Brownies and blondies! Which is your favorite? Hard to choose when you bite into these No-fuss Nutella Browned Butter Blondies.
  11. Love these s’mores! Chocolate and mint should be enjoyed year round, not just the holidays! Try these simple Nutella Christmas S’mores.
  12. Muffins are the perfect breakfast food! You’ll agree once you bite into one of these Nutella-swirled Peanut Butter Oat Muffins from A Kitchen Addiction.
  13. Yay for no-bake! These Nutella No-bake Cookies look irresistible from Shugary Sweets!
  14. Cheese and Nutella? You bet! Ricotta Cookies with Nutella look perfectly yummy!
  15. Mmmmmm…check out these Oatmeal Cream Pie Gooey Bars from Life Love and Sugar.
  16. Sandwich cookies are one of my faves! Nutella Sandwich Cookies are definitely on my to-bake list!

Which recipe are you going to try? Let us know how they turned out and share the Nutella love with your friends and neighbors!

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    I’m the odd one out, I suppose. I actually don’t like Nutella. Although, the pie does look good. :) My children love it though. One jar is usually gone in two meals if I ration it. :)

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