25 Days to a Happier Home Challenge — Day 7!

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Wow! It’s already been one full week of challenges to make your home a happier place to be! How are you doing on the challenge? Don’t give up if you’ve missed a few, or are struggling with a few challenges more than others — you CAN do this!

Are you ready for your challenge today? Good! Let’s go!

Your challenge for today is: Start a family tradition.

Why are traditions important for a family?

Traditions are a way we can create close-knit bonds and pass down a lifetime of memories. Traditions don’t have to be elaborate. They can be as simple as having a picnic in your front yard!

Five years ago, our family started a tradition. This tradition has really helped our family get through every single week. On Friday nights, we plan fun snacks, movies, games, late bedtimes and a HUGE slumber party in our bedroom. Yes, it is a weekly tradition, but it really spices up everyone’s week. We use to start at 8 pm, but now the tradition begins earlier and earlier. Most of the time we get the family-fun started right after dinner. Our bodies have naturally switched to a super-relaxed and care-free mode on Friday nights. It almost feels like a vacation — almost.

What about the holidays?

Sure, we all enjoy the presents, decorations and yummy foods, but why not add a family quirk for the tradition? Maybe it can be a HUGE breakfast on Christmas morning, or a fun present game. Think of something fun and unique to your family and dive right in!

Family traditions also provide comfort and security. The world outside our home is always changing, so why not try to provide an abode that doesn’t shuffle and change with every whim? Always keeping your tradition, even 30 years later, can add security within an insecure culture. You may not know where your next job will take you, but you will know that there will always be blueberry scones at mom’s house on Christmas morning!

Family traditions are also a great opportunity to teach your kids the important beliefs you and your hubby hold close to your heart. Many American holidays are great teaching tools to experience and discuss the blessings of God. Consider this list of holidays.

  • January 1. A New beginning. God’s mercies are new every morning, and God has given us a New Year to strive to serve Him even more!
  • February 14.. A day to express our love to one another in cards, gifts and poems. We love each other because of the love God has placed in our heart!
  • April: Hope through Jesus Christ. Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ gives us hope concerning life after death, victory over sin and a Risen and living Savior who hears our prayers!
  • July 4th A day to remember how God has blessed us with the opportunity to live in a country where we can openly worship Christ. Though some of our liberties are restrained, we have much more freedom than many other countries! We also live in a culture which has enjoyed the blessings from generations past that revered the Bible as God’s Holy Word. Many countries do not even know what “The Golden Rule” is or what “Love your neighbor” means. But ask American adults in their 30′s and older, and they will let you know — Christian or not!

The list goes on! Observing traditions, as long as they don’t go against the teaching of God’s word, will enable you to strengthen the spiritual bond of your home.

Choosing to start and observe family traditions can also help connect the generations of your family. Is it worth it for you to travel eight hours for your kids to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with their grandparents? Absolutely! Is it worth is every single year? You bet!

Grandparents maybe won’t enjoy the same entertainment as your munchkins, but everyone can enjoy a huge meal, memories and other past-times with each other. You can close the generation gap with family traditions.

Sticking to and inventing family traditions can also contribute to some warm and lasting memories for everyone included. Maybe your parents always read you a bedtime story, and you have passed that down to your kids. It’s a simple tradition, but one you can share and keep in your heart.

Here are some simple ideas to get your mind in gear to create a family tradition:

Family slumber parties
Birthday traditions
Holiday decorating traditions
End of the school year traditions
Bedtime traditions
Losing a tooth traditions (Think beyond the tooth fairy!)

Have you and your family started any traditions that are unique and creative? we would love to hear about them! Share your traditions in the comments and inspire others!

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  1. seems the more peace I want in my home, the more noise and frustrations I have. I wanted to try doing an advent this year. I was disappointed. I felt like I was the only one who wanted a more meaningful Christmas. I feel the more close I am to God, the more opposition I have in my home. I will keep plugging at this. Even if it doesn’t happen in my own home, maybe the children can take it to theirs when they are older…..

  2. Great ideas! We love traditions in our home. One special thing we do for losing a tooth is… everyone in the family gets ice cream when someone has lost their tooth. This just multiplies the excitement for a lost tooth because everyone is rewarded. :-) Just imagine the encouraging cheers that goes on in a house with 5 kids when someone starts wiggling a loose tooth. LOL!! Even mom and dad are benefited!

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