25 Days to a Happier Home—Day 9

sharing your family's interests

Thanks to all of you who have been keeping up with the 25-Day Challenge!

Several of you wrote and inquired about why the posts on this series stopped. My father-in-law flew all the way from America to visit us and we were able to spend 10 days with him, traveling almost non-stop. It was fun, and I focused on my family during this time. Don’t worry, the rest of the 25 Day challenge is on the way!

Here we go with Day 9!

Today your challenge is to: Enjoy your family’s interests.

What are some aspects of a strong friendship or relationship? One is that you share the same interests. Think of some of your closest girlfriends. Most of you probably enjoy talking about your hubby and kids, cooking, deals, toddler moments etc. But what about sharing interests with your immediate family?

Sure, you spend a lot of time with your hubby and munchkins just doing the ordinary, hum-drum routines in life; but what about your free-time and leisure time? Do you spend it with them as they pursue their interests or do you focus on pursuing your own — away from them?

Let’s break it down plain and simple. Think of some simple ways you can connect with your family and share their interests. You want a happier home, right? This is definitely one small piece of the happy home puzzle!

Here are just a few ways I try to share my family’s interests.

  • Facing my fears. Our family flies quite frequently. The last thing I want to be knowledgeable about is airplane crashes. However, my husband is much more brave, or daring than me, and enjoys watching airplane crash investigations. Thus, we have spent several date nights munching on take-out while watching air-crash investigations together. How have I learned to actually enjoy learning about these catastrophes? I put the fears out of my heart and remind myself that, “Safety is of the Lord.” I don’t groan anymore when he wants to watch the crashes, I just grab some popcorn and watch alongside him!
  • Creating a journal. One of my daughters enjoys writing. She writes and writes and writes. Obviously, this is not an interest that I have a problem connecting with! For Christmas, I bought her a special journal that had all kinds of crafts in it. We already did the crafts and pieced the beautiful, butterfly notebook together. Now, she has a special place to keep all her thoughts, and mommy and her made it together!
  • Divvying out extra time for fun! My three oldest kids just got roller blades. So, guess what their new interests are? I am trying give them extra time to explore their interests, as well as praise them for their accomplishments. I even moved the van so they could have extra room to skate. Such small things won me a hearty “Thanks mom!” from all three of the skaters. It’s the little things that count! I also strive to make time to watch them skate, and maybe one day, I’ll try on a pair for myself.
  • Making time for simple activities.My youngest is definitely into trains and firetrucks. He got two large puzzles for Christmas, one Thomas the Train and the other on a firetruck. We are planning on spending some mommy/son time piecing the puzzles together to create two huge, floor-sized puzzles. Maybe I’ll even grab his favorite snack for the adventure — gummy worms! Anyway to connect with my toddler!
  • Grabbing the horse by the reins. Recently, my kids begged to go horseback riding. It was a pricey adventure, but their responses and smiles were worth every dollar spent! It was not the plan for me to ride, but after much prodding, I hopped on a horse and rode with my kids. Though it wasn’t a comfy ride, it’s a memory they have tucked away in their hearts that includes their mom enjoying their adventure with them.

What does your hubby or kids enjoy doing? Maybe your hubby is a football man. Cheer for his favorite team and make him some of his favorite goodies to enjoy while he watches the game.

Does your husband love reading books? Cuddle up with him and ask him about his book. Maybe you can take turns reading it out loud with each other.

Do your kids love ice-skating, drawing or painting? Make en extra effort to enjoy these activities with them. Let them know you care about them and the things they love!

How have you connected with your family over their favorite activity or interest? We would love to hear about it!

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  1. This is a good reminder. My husband enjoys exercise, he’s a personal trainer. I ask him for exercise advice now and then. And as the family meal planner I try to incorporate healthy meals, and as much fruits and veggies as I can in a way to be encouraging of his iinterest in healthy living. Certainly gets me a smile and words of appreciation when I remember to do this. Also, glad to have you back at writing this series!

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