5 Easy Ways To Teach Your Kids About The Resurrection of Christ

5EasyWays_zpse35c4e9bAround this time of year, chocolate bunnies and colorful eggs have popped up in just about every imaginable store. Unfortunately, it seems that most people fail to focus on the most important thing that has ever happened around this time of the year– the death, burial, and resurrection of our Savior. It isn’t something that should only be talked about in March or April of each year. The resurrection of Jesus Christ should be celebrated and discussed all year long. Here are some activities to get the conversation concerning the Resurrection rolling with your kids.

  • Read! While it’s fine to read a storybook, be sure to pull out a real Bible and read it straight from God’s word too. Children are never too young to listen to scripture. Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, and John 20 are all great passages with which to start.
  • Sing songs! Some great old-fashioned hymns you can sing with your kids could be “Christ Arose” written by Robert Lowry or “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” penned by Charles Wesley. Another option would be some kid-friendly Sunday school songs like this one below written by M. Hubbard. The lyrics are sung to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me.”
  • Jesus saved me, this I know.
    For the Bible tells me so.
    Nailed to the cross for my own sins,
    died, and buried, and raised again!
    Yes, Jesus Saved me!
    Yes, Jesus saved me.
    Yes, Jesus saved me.
    He saved me from my sins.

  • Bake some bread! Resurrection bread is a popular recipe this time of year. Use crescent rolls and marshmallows to illustrate how Christ rose from the dead. Find out more here.
  • Eat “Empty Tomb Cookies.” Made with delicious treats, this snack is adorable and tasty. It’s sure to pique children’s interest and help hold their attention as you’re discussing the resurrection. The recipe and directions are available here.
  • Color and make crafts! Use the directions here to make yet another portrayal of the empty tomb. Children love crafts and using them to go along with a story or a lesson can help them remember what they’ve learned for years to come.

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