25 Days to a Happier Home — Day 13 — Be Spontaneous!

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A happier home is on the way! I hope each and every one of you have been keeping up with these challenges even during the busyness of the holidays! Feel free to write a comment to let us know which challenges have impacted your home the most!

Saying yes, obeying the law and following the leader are three pillars in our home that have made the atmosphere more pleasant and happy — for everyone!

Up for today’s challenge is a fun one! In fact, I LOVE this challenge! It adds the spice to everyday, routine life. Drum roll, please!

Today your challenge is to: Be spontaneous!

That’s right! Some of you are like, “Yes, that’s my middle name!” Others of you may be shying away in a corner hoping to forget about this challenge. But, everyone in your family will enjoy some perks from this challenge. You can turn many elements of your day into some unplanned fun! It just takes some creativity. If you lack some ideas on spontaneity, we’ve got you covered! Check out this fun list!

fun family fun

This is just the beginning of fun activities and surprises you can plan for your family! Today, our family is going on an unplanned kite-flying expedition complete with roller blades! The thought hit us when we felt how unnaturally windy it was. We didn’t want to waste a potential fun memory!

Why should you add spontaneity to your family’s day?

Creating fun memories is a way to keep your family tight-knit. Spontaneous adventures gives everyone an opportunity to unwind and relax. Work, school, housework and daily tasks often drain our energy, thoughts and time. We may truly love our munchkins and hubby, but when we stop everything in life and say, “Let’s go have some fun!” our family truly sees that they are still top priority in our lives.

Most of the activities listed above are for the whole family, but don’t forget to add fun surprises to your marriage! Surprise your hubby with a late snack, an unexpected date, massage, bubble bath and the list goes on. If your hubby is a sports fan, why not save up and surprise him with great seats to a fave game? Don’t say a word — just make sure his schedule is free and hand him the tickets as you two head out the door. It takes a little more creativity to surprise your hubby, but with some work and planning, it can be done!

So, go ahead and be creative and fun! Nix the bedtimes tonight and surprise everyone with a night full of silly fun! Make some paper airplanes and have a race. Pop some popcorn and enjoy some popcorn relay races. Blow up some balloons and have a stomp fest! Enjoy today and make some spontaneous memories!

Have you ever done something spontaneous with your hubby or kids that turned out to be a blessing to your family? Have your family bonds been strengthened through unplanned activities that turned a dull day into a fantastic one? We would love to hear about it!

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  1. I love this!! I agree that being spontaneous does make a closer knit family. I have to admit that I struggle with this one though!! There are always so many things to be done and I find it hard to put it all on hold to do something that won’t help my checklist get done. Even as I type that though, I see how I need to relax! Life overseas takes so much energy.. Never feel like there is enough time in the day. Yet it’s my relationship with my family that I care more about in the long run. Thanks!!

    • Yes, it does seem like life overseas take much longer. I remember when we went back to the U.S. to visit that I ran to my husband and told him everything was done! It was so much easier having carpet to vacuum, a clothes dryer, a dish washer and pop-in-the oven meals. But, when we moved to Cambodia, I kept searching for short-cuts and found some. Simple quick meals with little clean-up and crock-pot meals save me a lot of time. You need time for just having fun with your family!

  2. Hi Allison,
    I found your blog via Pinterest via the Taco-seasoned Chickpeas (uh yum!). My husband and I are missionaries to Scotland, we have 4 children, and I have recently started blogging. I read your 31 things, found lots of similarities between us (except enjoying doing dishes, no thanks!) and just wanted to connect with you. I’m still figuring out this blogging thing, but I’d like to follow yours and possibly link yours to mine once I figure out how!
    Jordan Anderson

    • NIce to meet you Jordan! Wow—Scotland! I dream of visiting there sometime! That would be great to keep in touch! Checked out your blog and your kiddos are adorable! May the Lord Bless you in your missions endeavor and I look forward to connecting more often!

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