Five Quiet Games For Quiet Times

Quiet Games for Kids

Are you ever in a situation where you need your kiddos to be quiet for thirty minutes or an hour? Sometimes it is difficult for little ones to comprehend the importance of quiet time. Here are four games that require little or no supplies to keep your kids quiet and entertained. Some of these games I played in school, and now I know why the teacher chose these games! I loved these games and so did my teacher. She was able to grade tests and make copies while the kids quietly sat in the room. There were at least 20 kids, but it was un-earthly quiet.

If you are in an airport, a waiting room or anywhere that needs kids to sit quietly, try these games to cut out the stress of repeatedly shushing your kids. These games work for ages three and up.

  • The Quiet Game. There are many variations to this game. We play it in the car, in a public place and even at the dinner table. The simplest version is just to pick the quietest to start the game. The person that starts the game then picks the next quietest child, and then that child picks the next quietest child. Even though this is simple, kids do not normally tire of this game until about 30 minutes. A different twist, is to have the kids sit in a circle and have the first person walk around and gently tap the quietest person’s head. They then take that person’s spot and the next person walks around the circle and pats the next quietest person. This version seems to entertain kids for a longer period of time.
  • Telephone. Many of you probably already know this game, but never thought about using it for quiet time. Have the kids sit in a circle and choose a person to begin. That person whispers a phrase into the person’s ear beside them and then that person whispers to the next person. The phrase cannot be repeated so it is very important that all the kids stay quiet so everyone can hear the message. At the end, have the last person say the message out loud to see how silly the message turned out.
  • Graveyard. It’s a little morbid, I know, but dead people don’t move or talk. All kids lie on the ground, close their eyes and don’t move. Choose one person to stand up and pick the best dead person. Or, have the first person stand up and watch the others. When someone moves or talks, they are out. The person standing up lets the others know when they are out.
  • Quiet animal. Choose a small stuffed animal for this game. You can always keep one in your purse or diaper bag. Have the kids sit in a circle and give the stuffed animal to the quietest person. That person then gently tosses the stuffed animal to someone in the circle. Whoever drops the stuffed animal, talks or throws the stuffed animal out of the circle is out.
  • Quiet Statues. This simple game always brings a smile! Quietly whisper to the kids what kind of statue you want them to make. Some ideas are a monkey, elephant, mommy, daddy, policeman, bear, tiger or even a silly hamburger statue! At the count of three, the kids have to freeze into their statue and then you pick the best statue. That person then whispers to the kids what kind of statue to make next, and so the game repeats. Remember, statues don’t move or talk!

What games do you use to keep your kids quiet? I would love to hear your ideas!

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  1. I hate to admit this…But smart phones are awesome when it comes to keeping kids preoccupied and quiet.

  2. Brandilee Chacon says:

    Silent Monkey See Monkey Do — I would pick a student to be the monkey and do silly silent actions that the rest of the students had to silently copy. Anyone that laughs is out and has to sit down for three rounds. I would keep the game going by changing out the monkeys as soon as I saw kids losing interest. The class troublemakers make the best monkeys: they love getting attention for acting silly!

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