One Secret to a Happy Home — Rising Early! 25 Days to a Happier Home

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The dream home for some people is simply a happy home. Have you ever watched the musical Annie ? Remember the orphans singing about their “hard-knocked” life? What did they want? Kisses instead of being kicked, treats instead of being tricked. Not too much to ask or hope for, I would think.

As moms, why don’t we strive to give our kids a happier home? Of course our hubbies would enjoy the cheerier atmosphere as well. A home with less yelling and more encouraging. A home where kindness is the law. A home where people give thanks instead of grumble. Yes, those are just a few characteristics of a happy home.

Are you striving for a happier home? Great! Here’s your challenge for today!

Today your challenge is to: Rise and Shine!

I know, I know. It’s so easy to stay up late night after night. The house is quiet. The kids are snoozing. But what happens in the morning when the clock strikes seven? Are your kids dragging you out of bed for breakfast? Are you groggily walking into the kitchen hoping for an easy cereal fix? Do you feel stressed that you didn’t have a quiet time to start your morning? Are you hoping no one stops by before 10 a.m. this morning because you will still be in your jammies cleaning up the house?

Getting up a little earlier makes all the difference in the world.

My kids are early-risers, so if I want some quiet time I have to set my clock for 5:30 a.m. Does it always happen? Nope. Are there still mornings where I groggily walk down the stairs and make cereal? Yep. But is that a daily basis type of thing and should it be? Nope. Not if I want to have a happier edge on my day.

What are the benefits of waking up earlier?

Quiet time alone with God. No one calls or interrupts you during these hours.
Uninterrupted exercise time to give you more energy to chase down your munchkins.
Time to make breakfast and straighten up BEFORE the toddler or preschooler storm comes.
Time to fix your hair, make-up and clothes BEFORE lunch.
An altogether feeling like you are ready to tackle today!

But what if I am NOT a morning person?

I think we can all become morning people if we really try. Before I was married, I was a morning person. I was still groggy, but enjoyed getting up early. But after about five years of marriage, I began staying up late with my hubby and sleeping in until 7:30 or 8 a.m. That habit only got me behind in housework, parenting and my devotional life. So, what did I do to stop this snowball effect of staying up and waking up late? Here’s what I did, and it may work for you too!

  • Turn in earlier. I started forcing myself to get in the bed around 9:45 so I could be asleep shortly after 10. Cutting out caffeine or other stimulants helped me get to sleep faster.
  • Set my alarm clock. Sounds simple, I know. but if I don’t set it, you can forget it! You won’t see me until 7 am!
  • Speed up at night. Too many times the clock strikes 6:30 p.m. and I go into relax mode. I want to get on Pinterest or read a book. But, I may still have laundry to put away or a kitchen counter to wipe down. Getting up earlier meant I had to step it into gear at night. If I had everything accomplished before 9 p.m. then I could relax until 9:45.
  • Walk away from your bed. Another simple thought. Many times I would convince myself I could read my Bible and pray in bed, only to find myself snoozing away until 7 am. By that time, the kids were wanting breakfast and I had slept through my quiet time. So, now. I get up and leave my bedroom. I head downstairs and read in my husband’s office. It gets my body moving enough that my brain is awake too!
  • Reward yourself. Do you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the morning? What about dark chocolate? Give yourself something to look forward to in the mornings and save that treat for the early morning hours!

A happier home begins with a mom who has spent time seeking God and preparing her heart, mind and body for the day. Try it for at least one week and see the positive changes in your life!

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  1. Great points. I agree that when I am actually up and ready for the day, I find it much easier to meet the children in the morning with a happy outlook. Thanks for sharing.

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