Spice Up Valentine’s Day — the Frugal Way!

Valentine's Day ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…gulp!

That means we gotta get our ducks in a row in the romance area — now!

Sure, men don’t crave romance as much as women, but they sure do need words of affirmation and praise! Why not take the “Hallmark Holiday” and use it to your advantage? Set time aside to do these thoughtful, yet frugal activities to show your hubby he is still your Valentine!

Create home-made coupons for his favorite things. What does your hubby enjoy the most? Is it noise-free days or a special meal? What about jobs and errands? Are there any that you can do for him to make his day easier and more pleasant?

My honeybun does not enjoy turning out all the lights and locking up the house at night, so that is on my to-do list for Valentine’s Day. What about a late-night snack prepared by you and served in his favorite outfit? The possibilities are endless! Have fun and be creative. Enjoy this day of love!

Plan a picnic. Create an indoor picnic with stuff around the house. A checkered tablecloth, cups, baskets and special glasses can make an inviting atmosphere. Share finger foods, feed each other and make a special romantic dessert like chocolate mousse with whipped cream and red sprinkles.(Find a great mousse recipe here.) Enjoy your picnic on the living room floor or outside if the weather warms up!

love note

Write love notes. Decorate a glass jar or cardboard gift box with craft supplies. Create love notes on heart shaped paper. Fold and fill the decorated container with the notes and present them to your honey.

List it. Write a “20 Reasons Why I love You” list. Be specific and thoughtful.

Make a calendar. Create a year-long calendar with pictures of just the two of you. Many office supply stores will insert the binding for you..just ask!

Balloons! Fill silver, pink, white and red balloons with helium. Attach curly ribbon and a hand-crafted love note to each. Place these over your bed for a Valentine’s surprise!

Scavenger Hunt.Leave fun, romantic clues that lead to an extra special surprise! List at least 10 things to find. Men love a good hunt!

Got any more frugal, Valentine ideas? Feel free to share in the comments section!

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    Hi Alison,
    This are so lovely ideas for valentines day. I specially love idea about Balloons, List it and writing love notes. Thanks for sharing this pretty ideas.

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