10 Immune Boosting Gifts Moms ACTUALLY Want!

Achoo! Uh oh! It’s that time of year again — the dreaded cold and flu season.

Moms need immune boosting options and who better to give her that than another mom who understands mom life!

As a mom, you’re always on top of taking care of your husband and kids.

But who takes care of a mom when she’s the one who’s sick? Another mom, of course!

I’m thrilled that Maty’s Healthy Products sponsored this post so we can encourage moms to help other moms!

How sweet! These immune boosting gifts that moms actually want are packed in a perfectly perfect gift basket, compete with a printable tag! #carebaskets #immuneboosting #healthyimmunesystem

Psst! Guess what? Maty’s Healthy Products were created by a mom too!

You’ll love this list of what moms really want when they’re dealing with sickness. We’re also putting together a thoughtful and super helpful care basket that’s perfect for a mom who needs a little pick-me-up.

Isn't this cute, get well basket? It's bursting with immense booster that moms actually want! #immunebooster #giftbaskets

Do you know a mom who is feeling under the weather or who is super busy taking care of her sick kids? Has it been a lingering sickness? Or a situation where one family member gets sick right after another?

That’s the worst!

And that’s exactly why she’ll love these immune boosting ideas!

Putting a care package together for another mom is a sweet and thoughtful way to let her know you’re there to lend a hand.

I remember when a friend sent me one…it was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits and help me get some real rest!

Ooh! These immune boosting gifts come with printable gift tags! Sure to be something  a mom actually wants!

And no care package would be complete without
Maty’s Healthy products. Their cough syrups and vapor rubs are natural, healthy whole food alternatives to medicine.

comparison chart for immune boosting gifts
comparisons chart for immune boosting gifts for moms

I have truly come to love these products — and I bet that mom friend in your life who needs some extra immune boosting products will too!

When sickness hits my family, they’re what I reach for in my own medicine cabinet. Their immune boosting properties are just what the doctor…er…I mean mom ordered!

Such a cute way today Get Well Soon! Package up these immune boosting gifts that moms actually want and send with a hug!

10 Immune Boosting Gifts Moms Actually Want

  • Maty’s cough syrups
  • Maty’s vapor rubs
  • tea bags for hot tea
  • fresh lemons and honey for the tea
  • lip balm
  • lotion
  • tissues
  • soups
  • cozy blanket
  • warm socks

*Note: For more immune boosting ideas, be sure to check out this Printable Grocery List for Cold and Flu Season.

immune boosting products

Mini Care Package in a Mug

Another alternative is to place one of the Maty’s cough syrups into a mug with a few tea bags, lemon, and honey. The syrups can be added to teas, juices, and smoothies as a natural immune boost when you’re sick, feel like you’re getting sick, or just don’t want to get sick.

This is a gift that any mom would appreciate! And you’ll feel good knowing that you helped your fabulous mom friend get on the road to recovery and back to the ever-busy, super rewarding job of being MOM!

Who will be your first mom friend you bring cheer to? Be sure to share pictures of your immune boosting gifts with us on Facebook! <3

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