14 Hilarious Questions Parents of Toddlers Ask Siri

Being a parent of a toddler is definitely a hair-raising adventure. Not convinced? Take a look at these hilarious questions parents of toddlers ask Siri. Get ready for some belly laughs!

hilarious questions parents of toddlers ask siri

Parenting a toddler is no easy task. But the giggles and “oh my word!” moments are too precious not to savor the rambunctious, squishy, oh-so-cute days of toddlerhood. Get ready to relate, giggle and relax when you realize that yes, every parent has a crazy journey when it comes to raising a toddler!

hilarious questions parents of toddlers ask Siri

14 Funny Questions Parents of Toddlers Actually Ask Siri

  1. Is poop toxic? I can’t begin to tell you how many parents have leaned over and whispered “Ugh! My son just ate poop out of his diaper yesterday!” The next question undoubtedly comes, “Do you think he’ll get sick?” When in doubt, ask Siri! ;0)
  2. How do you remove foreign objects from a toddler’s nose? Oh those toddlers! They think everything can go up their nose — paper, erasers,green peas — they can all fit up there, right?
  3. How long can a toddler cry before getting sick? They don’t call them toddler tantrums for nothing! These crying tantrums can last for 30 minutes or more, which drives any parent to ask Siri this ever important question!
  4. How do you remove permanent marker off of everything? Your entire house is your toddler’s canvas when it comes to permanent markers! In my opinion, parents of toddlers should not be allowed to purchase a Sharpie…it’s in their best interest…;0
  5. How can I  sneak veggies into Goldfish crackers? If anyone can figure out how to do this, Siri can! When some toddlers insist on having a “goldfish cracker only” diet, this seems like the only logical plan!
  6. What to do when your toddler eats a bug? If it’s tiny and crawls, chances are your toddler is going to explore this creature with all senses — ending up with taste! What’s a parent’s reaction? Ask Siri! She can help!
  7. How can I convince my toddler it’s necessary to wear clothes? Never dress your toddler in a snap button outfit. Trust me on this one. Don’t go there. You’ll have a 24/7 streaking toddler that will make heads turn! I hope Siri has an answer for this one!
  8. How many hours can a toddler safely watch Callilou? It’s the weekend and your toddler wants to watch one episode, and then another  — and then another of Callilou. You want to turn it off, but your toddler’s happiness depends on seeing just one more episode. Where does a well-meaning parent draw the line. Siri knows!
  9. Is ketchup considered the new toddler hair moisturizer? Ketchup and hair must go together right? At least in toddler world! And the best time to moisturize with ketchup? Meal time. Oh yeah.
  10. What ill effects are there from drinking water out of the dog’s bowl? Yes, it has happened. Does happen. Will happen. If the dog likes her water, why shouldn’t your toddler?
  11. How many times can a binky fall on the floor before it’s actually dirty? This is definitely dependent upon if you’re a first-time, second-time or third-time parent. I’d love to hear what your thoughts on how dirty is dirty for a binky!
  12. How can I complete household chores with a toddler latching on to me for dear life? You want to vacuum, dust or wash dishes, but alas, a tiny toddler seems permanently attached to your hip. You don’t have to ask Siri about this one. Instead, check out this parenting article that gives you some solutions that actually work!
  13. How do I convince my toddler the potty is not a monster? Been there, done that. The solution that worked for us? Gummy bears or fruit snacks. My potty-training toddler got one for just sitting on the potty. Apparently the desires for gummy bears overcame the fear of the potty monster!
  14. Is keeping my toddler on a leash bad parenting? I never used a leash on my toddlers, but many of my mom friends have. Oh, I know it’s called a safety harness, but let’s be honest, it’s a leash! Sometimes parents feel guilty for putting their toddler on a leash…yeah, I would too.  But, what does Siri say?

Time to fess up parents, what questions have you asked Siri that didn’t make it to this list? Share it with us on Facebook!

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