15 Epic Ways to Repurpose Top Sheets

Extra Top Sheets? Try These Creative Ideas!

My kids deplore sleeping with a top sheet… (but we have laundry hacks that keep sheets clean!)

I totally don’t share their passion — I LOVE my top sheet and am quite the sheet snob.

Buuuuut — I’m not everyone…

Some picky sheet people only want to sleep with a fitted sheet and nothing else — especially kids!

But no one wants to just toss a perfectly good sheet — especially if it’s a Sateen weave!

That’s my favorite weave…told you I was a sheet snob!

creative uses for top sheets you wish you knew

Want some creative ideas to use that luxiourly soft top sheet that’s sitting in your linen closest all lonely and blue?

Let’s dig into these creative uses for top sheets you wish you knew — like yesterday!

Creative Uses for Top Sheets You Wish You Knew

Backing for quilts.

Want to make your handmade quits super-soft? Use your left-over top sheets for a backing!

It’s recommended that you only use a top sheet that is 300 thread count or less.

Make matching window valences or panel curtains.

This idea works awesome for kids character-remed sheet sets!

It’s a huge money-saver too!

Enjoy a new tablecloth!

Sheets make awesome tablecloths!

I use curtains and sheets as tablecloths often.

Stitch a few pillowcases for guests!

It’s always nice to have extra sets of pillowcases when overnight guests visit!  

Top sheets are the perfect choice for this project.

Create a bedskirt.

If you’re comforter came all alone, add a bedskirt that matches your to create a more “put together” look for your bedroom.

Be a giver!

No time to create a new linen masterpiece?

Donate to your favorite thrift store or animal shelter.

Protect your floor and other surfaces.

Extra sheets are great for drop cloths when you dive into your next painting or remodeling project.

Make a duvet cover.

Your cozy down comforter needs a cover!

Take two tops sheets to make a perfectly perfect duvet cover that’s super soft!

Start a reading nook!

An extra top sheet will make a super-fun reading nook for your kiddos!

More Ways to Use Top Sheets

Assemble a rag wreath with top sheets.

Cut up top sheets and make a rag wreath that’s super-cute!

Make some fashionable totes!

So many design ideas!

Here’s a video that explains exactly how to do it!

Sew some couch slip covers!

This works great if your toddlers have ruined your couch cushions and you need a budget-friendly updo!

All you need is a top sheet, a few other supplies and some initiative!

Stitch up a summer baby wrap!

Top sheets made of cotton are great for creating a stylish baby wrap that doesn’t get too hot and stuffy during the warmer months!

Genius Ways to Use Top Sheets No One Told You

Dress up your Christmas tree!

Make a Christmas tree skirt out of a top sheet!

Add some velcro for a snap and some fun holiday embellishments for a crisp-looking skirt!

Create a drawstring lego sack from a top sheet!

This keeps all the legos in one space (not on the bottom of your feet) and makes Lego clean-up a cinch!

Take a picnic – indoors!

Top sheets make perfect picnic blankets!

You can grab this amazing picnic basket to create the perfect picnic for your family!

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