15 Epic Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2021

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give gifts!

Brainstorming about the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

We’ve got a huge list of the very BEST gifts for almost everyone on your list.

And this year…we could all use a little bit more of LOVE and kindness.

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#1 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold brew is all the rage right now.

Any coffee lover will appreciate this cold brew maker on February 14th.

It helps them save money and make their own batch of cold brew at home.

Plus, they’ll think of you when they make each pitcher of cold brew…or at least every other pitcher! :)

#2 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Tabletop Fireplace

This is a great way to bring the great outdoors…indoor!

Have a s’mores night inn your living room with this smokeless fireplace.

Whoever invented this is a Valentine’s Day genius!

#3 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Impromptu Picnic

Throw a blanket down in your living room or (if it’s warm enough) in your back yard.

Pack some fruit, deli meats, cheeses, nuts, small desserts, and enjoy a simple, romantic picnic together.

To add some fun, flirty laughs to your picnic, play Mad Libs.

I know it sounds dorky, but it’s really fun!

More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas We Think You’ll Love

#4 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Sit N Sleep Sleepbreeze Pillow

This pillow was a game-changer for me.

Due to several chronic illnesses, quality sleep is incredibly important to my health.

This pillow helped me nap and rest so much better.

It has a layer of cooling gel that aids in heat dispersion.

There’s also a variety of sizes and firmness options.

From a mom who has enjoyed the luxury of many types of pillows, I’m not exaggerating when I saw this has been my favorite pillow by far.

If someone in your life could use better sleep, definitely consider snagging one of these pillows here.

A good night’s sleep is one of the best gifts you can give someone!

#5 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Personalized Earrings

Busy moms rarely have time to get personalized earrings.

These personalized earrings have different colored gemstones to represent their children or even special moments in their life!

It’s thoughtful, super pretty, and romantic!

#6 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Homemade Dinner

Make someone special in your life this pizza spaghetti bake and end the meal with these chocolate dipped strawberries.

You can even serve these heart-shaped Rice Krispie treats too for a complete meal that’s perfect for a simple, Valentine’s Day meal.

#7 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Apple AirPods with Case

My husband uses these AirPods constantly.

It’s probably one of his favorite puree uses ever.

It’s perfect for moms, teens, and husbands.

It’s a great way to relax when you’re in a noisy place because you can play white noise or soothing sounds.

Or, if you’re traveling, exercising, or cleaning the house, you can enjoy high quality sound to help you listen to your favorite podcasts, audio books, or music.

Even if that special someone doesn’t know what these are, they’ll love these and use them religiously!

Thoughtful Gifts for Valentine’s Day

#8 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: A Puppy or Kitty

These two classic animals still reach the mushy spot in someone’s heart.

Make sure that special someone doesn’t have any allergies and actually is a fan of pets.

Include a red bow and the first week of puppy food.

#9 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Time

This might sound incredibly cheesy, but one of my favorite gifts my husband gives me is his time.

He’s a busy guy, and just knowing he completely canceled his daily activities to spend a day or a big chunk of time with me is truly precious.

If he shows up with take out or has made dinner reservations at a favorite restaurant, that’s even better…ha!

#10 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Chocolate

A fun way to give chocolate would be to give a variety of chocolate.

This set is 8 different kinds of chocolate.

It’s organic and has high reviews!

Put these in a super cute basket with a sweet card and it’s the perfect, Valentine’s Day gift!

#11 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Heart Charm Bracelet

A beautiful, charm bracelet with hearts is another way to convey your love to that special someone in your life.

The three hearts in this charm bracelet are exquisite!

#12 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Movie Night

Make specialty popcorn, veggie trays, and include some fancy chocolates for a fun movie night.

Grab a comfy blanket or two, heat up the fireplace, and watch a few classics together.

Chick flicks are a plus since it’s Valentine’s Day!

#13 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Poetry

If you enjoy writing, write a poem or song that expresses some of your favorite features of the person you love.

My husband wrote me a poem on our first Valentine’s Day and I still remember how special it made me feel!

Poetry and music speak to the heart. <3

#14 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Beard Kit for Men

It’s been trending more now than ever to grow out a good, thick beard.

This full set of beard must-haves is great for your husband who wants to keep his beard looking great or wants to grow a beard.

#15 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Your are My Sunshine Music Box

This classic song is shared between many couples.

It’s sweet, simple, and we have all heard it since our childhood days.

I love it if I can convince my husband to sing it to me!

This little trinket box will be super thoughtful for anyone who enjoys a simple, classic song.


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What Valentine’s Day Gift Will You Be Giving This Year?

Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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