19 Types of Moms — What Type Do You Want to Be?

In this journey we call motherhood, we need to wear many hats. Some of us are naturally a loving mom, while others of us struggle with showing affection on a daily basis. Some of us are super-organized and then some of us are wondering what day of the week it is! Whatever category you fit in on this mothering journey, you can find something in this list to inspire you to be a better mom! So, what kind of mom do you want to be?

what kind of mom do you want to be

I can’t wait for you to dive into this HUGE list of inspiration! Over the past two years I have been seeking to encourage moms through lessons I have learned in motherhood. I am not alone in this endeavor and want to share with you some nuggets of momspiration I have found across the wonderful world of blogging. If you struggle with patience, organization, home-schooling, frugality, connecting or some other area of motherhood, this list is going to help you take steps in the right direction. This motherhood journey is full of obstacles, surprises, lessons and more! Why not prepare for the ride by listening to some inspirational posts on specific mom-topics that we all need to hear?

Where oh where to start?

19 Types of Moms

  1. Being a fun mom is what adds spice and giggles to the motherhood trail. Learn from Caroline as she shows you how to be a fun mom.
  2. Cheryl at the Tidy Mom has this organized mom stuff figured out. Hop on over to her blog to learn some tips to be an organized mom.
  3. Kids absolutely need compassion. Find out how to be a compassionate mom.
  4. Part of being a mom is being clean and teaching our kids to be clean. Learn some clean mom tips today!
  5. Everyone needs to giggle once in a while. Here are some silly mom ideas.
  6. Find out how to stay sane and happy as a home-schooling mom
  7. We all want our kids to think we are super-moms. Here are some secrets on how to be a kid-loved mom.
  8. In motherhood, we all need to learn to relax. Here are some ideas on how to become a relaxed mom
  9. A happy mom makes a happy home. Have trouble finding your smile sometimes? Check out these happy mom tips.
  10. Patience is a virtue for sure. How can we become patient moms? Find out here.
  11. Sometimes life hands us a tiny budget. Find out how to save money and be a frugal mom.
  12. Are you zapped for energy? Here are some simple tips to be an energetic mom.
  13. Are you a SAHM who has lost desire to thrive in your home? Get out of your mom rut and learn how to thrive.
  14. Sometimes we have to resolve to make changes in order to excel at this thing called motherhood. Check out these happy home resolutions to be a resolute mom!
  15. As moms, we need to be present and intentional in our child’s life. Find out how to be an intentional mom in this post.
  16. Kids need a mom who is involved and will offer them one-on-one time. Can’t figure out how to get it done? Here’s a a fun way to be an involved mom.
  17. Creativity keeps your child’s life interesting and fun! Get lots of inspiring and creative ideas from Holly and Rachel at Kids Activities Blog.
  18. Play with your kids! Grab some playful mom ideas here.
  19. Need to burn some calories and become a fit mom? Yes, it’s difficult when we’re super busy! Lauren offers you some simple stay fit tips to get you moving today!

So what kind of mom do you want to be? Tell me in the comments!

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