8 Practical Gift Ideas for the Mom-to-be

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I love baby showers! Every baby should be celebrated, and giving the mom-to-be a shower to celebrate the new little life is a perfect way to show you care. Out of ideas for the soon-to-be mom in your life? We’ve got ya covered with some practical and creative gifts you can give the guest of honor!

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  • Spa products. Most likely it will be a while before the mom-to-be ventures out to a spa. Why not bring the spa to her? Pack her a basket full of massaging gadgets, lotions, foot soaks, salt scrubs, face masks, manicure, pedicure supplies and the list goes on. ember how difficult it was to sleep during those last few months of pregnancy? Help the mom-to-be stay beautiful and relaxed as she tries to cover up her dark circles and red eyes from sleepless nights.
  • Diapers and diaper genies. Yes, she probably bought, but she will definitely need more. Newborns soil diapers a lot more frequently that moms-to-be expect! Prepare your friend or relative for this unwelcome surprise by keeping her stocked with diapers and a diaper genie. The diaper genie will help keep odors out of her beautifully decorated nursery smelling fresh and clean — even after lots of diaper changes!

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  • Time. Moms-to-be are super busy and preparing for their new babies. Give them a break and help wash and fold some of the new baby layette or bottles. Help her make and freeze some meals for the tiring days or recovery. Why not just give her a friend-to-friend day out and talk about something else than the baby. Whichever one you choose, the mom-to-be in your life will enjoy the thoughtful gift of your time and companionship.
  • Books and movies. Those quiet, sleepless nights could be a little bit more entertaining if the mom-to-be was reading an interesting book or watching a movie. Consider her tastes and choose something that would help her look forward to those uncomfortable nights when sleep just won’t come. Between frequent trips to the bathroom and a huge baby bump, it’s hard to grab some zzz’s. She’s enjoy a great book or movie to read or watch — and hey, it may help her sleep!
  • A cup of coffee. It’s simple, but packs a lot of thought. Schedule a morning visit just to say hello, and bring along her favorite cup of decaffeinated Joe — a few pastries wouldn’t hurt either. Just some girl talk and a cup of coffee may be just what she needs to perk her up during the last month or so of pregnancy.
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  • The gift of shopping. Surely there is something that the new mom forgot to register for or purchase before all her baby showers were in full swing. Take care of those needs and wants with a gift card to one of her favorite shopping places.
  • Breast-feeding pads. If the mom is planning on breast-feeding, she is going to need loads and loads of reusable or disposable breast pads. I always love the reusable because they are soft and don’t stick to your. They also save a lot of money since you can always toss them in the wash and have them ready for the next day. Check out some FREE ones here!
  • Restaurant gift cards. Sometimes new moms can get caught up with snuggling with their newborn that they forget to make dinner! Encourage your friend to spend a few more hours cuddling and snag her some restaurant gift cards so her and her hubby can enjoy extra cuddles — and a yummy dinner for FREE!

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Enjoy pampering the mom-to-be with these practical gifts she’ll love! Let us know which gifts you think are perfect for a mom-to-be in the comments!

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