8 Things Moms of Good Kids Always Do

Ever wish you knew the secret to having “good kids”? Everyone does, right?

Moms don’t daydream of unpredictable meltdowns, physical aggression and potty mouths in their children. Instead, they fantasize about children that have helping hands, willing hearts, kind words and uplifting attitudes.

But “good kids” don’t just happen.

They’re created, molded and tended.

things moms of good kids always do

Good kids are not allowed to just grow up and follow every whim or desire.

They have an intentional mom who’s striving to see her kids succeed — not necessarily in the area of fame or fortune, but in the area of character and morale.

And what are some of the things moms of good kids always do? Let’s find out!

Things Moms of Good Kids Always Do

  • They set limits. Moms of good kids always set limits. These moms know that boundaries and limits provide security and comfort to kids.

    These moms also know that kids need constant guidance in choosing better decisions in life. Bedtimes are established. House rules are set. Kids never have to wonder if they’re stepping over the line because lines have been clearly drawn and explained.

  • They create fun! Fun doesn’t always “just happen.” Sometimes “fun” needs a helping hand.

    Moms of good kids try to plan some fun into the family’s week. Even if it’s spontaneous fun like water fights, pillow fights or blanket forts. But moms of good kids also make more tedious fun plans like vacations, scavenger hunts, family slumber parties, family baking days or picnics on the beach.

    Moms of good kids always have fun ideas up their sleeves — from super simple to super magical!

  • things moms of good kids always do

  • They’re not afraid to be “weird.” Did you know moms experience peer pressure too? There’s peer pressure to involve kids in gymnastics, dance, art, soccer, cheerleading, and music lessons. There’s peer pressure to let kids watch certain movies, attend concerts, and wear the hottest brands.

    There’s peer pressure to have kids who can read at age four, walk at ten months and ride a bike without training wheels at age six. There’s pressure to let your kids have iPhones, iPads and gaming devices.

    But a mom of good kids? She doesn’t let the peer pressure phase her. She makes what she thinks is the best parenting decisions for her kids and sticks by those decisions —- “weird” or not.

  • They insist on respect. Kids rolling their eyes at parents? Not acceptable. Kids yelling, “I hate you!” at mom, dad or siblings? Never allowed or overlooked.

    Kids making fun of other people’s disabilities? The kids know that will never fly with mom. Respect is something a mom of good kids always instills in each of her children.

    Good kids are even taught to respect political leaders, religious leaders and even annoying, nosey neighbors. In this world respect goes a long way!

  • things moms of good kids always do

  • They make sacrifices in order to preserve one-on-one time. Moms of good kids know that their time with their children is limited.

    Most moms only get 18 summers, 18 Christmases and 18 birthdays with each child before that child becomes an adult and embarks on a new journey of college, career and building a family.

    Moms of good kids make the sacrifice of cutting back on outside work, commitments and even leisure time so they can spend some focused, quality, one-on-one time with each of their children.

    Bedtime stories, pajama parties, baking cookies and just snuggling while watching a favorite movie are just a few simple ways moms of good kids take time to connect with their children on a regular basis. One-on-one time sometimes comes at a cost, but the positive effects are well worth the sacrifice!

  • They always avoid belittling their children. Though moms of good kids always set limits and require respect, they also make the intentional decision to never belittle their children.

    They don’t make their children feel inadequate. They never poke fun at their child’s personal struggles. They don’t call their children insulting names like “Idiot!,” “Stupid!” “Chubby!” “Ugly!” or just call them plain “bad.”

    Degrading words sting and cause permanent damage to children that they could very well carry into adulthood.

  • They use encouraging words and phrases. Every time a child does something thoughtful, lends a helping hand or just gives a toothy grin, a mom of good kids is always there to offer some meaningful encouragement.

    “I’m thrilled to see your smile!”
    “You always make me laugh!
    “I’m thankful I get to be YOUR mom!”
    “You make my life better!
    “You give the BEST hugs!”
    “You have a bright future!”
    “Wow! Look at your work! You did a great job!”
    “How did you come up with that idea? You’re so creative!”

    These phrases are often heard in the home of a mom with good kids.

  • They always address violent behavior and never reward it. In the real world violence is punished. It is not ok to kick, pinch, bite or hit another human being.

    Moms of good kids never allow violent behavior to be rewarded. Violent behavior is always addressed and never ignored.

    But more important than that, a mom good kids never rewards such selfish, hateful actions with hugs, candy or a movie. Moms of good kids know they have to teach their children how to prosper in the real world, and being a violent person only leads to a road of pain and suffering.

  • If you know a mom with good kids, why not share this article with her and let her know she’s doing an amazing job?

    And today? Why not give your kids an extra hug and remember that ANY mom can be a mom of good kids.

    Sometimes moms just have to find the right formula for their family so create happier homes!

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