15 Helps for Diaper Rash

Diaper Rash Helps are Here!

It seems no matter how hard you try, sooner or later your baby will develop diaper rash — especially during the hotter months of the year.

But don’t worry, you’ll find the absolute best solutions for diaper rash right here!

I’m thankful for the community of moms across the web that share their best-ever tips for parenting obstacles — including itchy, painful diaper rash in infants and young children.

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Absolutely Best Solutions for Diaper Rash

Diaper Rash Help #1: Cornstarch.

It’s natural, simple and doesn’t cause infections in baby girls like baby powder does.

It’s mom recommended — and cheap!

Diaper Rash Help #2: Coconut oil.

Have you noticed I’m kind of a huge fan of this amazing oil?

I seriously use it on almost everything — hair, face, skin and nails.

And yes, moms, you can use it on your baby’s diaper rash.

Moms across the web constantly proclaim that it works faster and is more effective than your typical diaper rash cream.

Diaper Rash Help #3: Olive oil.

When I’m out of coconut oil, I reach for olive oil.

It’s amazing and highly effective for so many ailments — including your baby’s diaper rash.

The next time your infant becomes itchy and red, head to your kitchen and grab your fave brand of extra virgin olive oil because it’s the most concentrated form.

Diaper Rash Help #4: Butt paste.

I cringe when I type the name of this product, however I can’t leave it out!

I have used it for my kids and other moms consider it a definite necessity in their nursery!

Once you try butt paste, you’ll never turn back to the cheaper, watery, diaper creams!

Diaper Rash Help #5: Warm baths.

Soak your baby’s bottom in a warm bath for 10 minutes, 3 times a day, if the skin is very raw.

Remember, do not bathe a baby until the umbilical cord has fallen off. Also, never leave a child alone while he or she is in the bath.

Diaper Rash Help #6: Switch diaper materials.

Sometimes the materials the diaper is made of (even certain cloth diapers) can cause the diaper rash.

Simply switching the diapering material can help clear it up quickly and prevent recurring diaper rashes.

Diaper Rash Help #7: Fresh air.

If you’re at home, let your baby go commando and leave off the diaper or plastic pants for several hours.

Fresh air helps the skin dry out and heal.

Diaper Rash Help #8: Aquaphor.

One mom said when nothing else worked, this did the trick for her little one!

Diaper Rash Help #9: Eucerin.

Babies that have a tendency towards eczema seem to respond better to Eucerin.

(Again, we’re not medical professional…just experienced moms!)

Diaper Rash Help #10: Switch Formulas

Milk allergies can develop at anytime.

Try switching to a different brand of formula or even going to soy or lactose free to see if your child is developing an intolerance or allergy to milk-based formulas.

Diaper Rash Help #11: If Breastfeeding, check your diet.

Food allergies can show up in a breast-feeding infant as well.

Check your diet and remove anything that can cause allergic reactions.

Typical food allergies are dairy, eggs, wheat, shellfish.

Start with removing these and see if there’s any improvement in the diaper rash.

Diaper Rash Help #12: Baking Soda

Adding a few sprinkles to warm bath water can help soothe your baby’s skin.

Diaper Rash Help #13: Dry Your Baby First

Make sure your baby is completely dry before applying diaper rash cream.

Diaper Rash Help #14: Go Up A Diaper Size

Babies grow fast!

Your baby may have already grown out of size one diapers!

Try moving up to give your baby more wiggle room and breathing room for her delicate skin.

Diaper Rash Help #15. Change Diapers Frequently

If your baby’s skin is super sensitive, try setting a timer to remind yourself to change her diaper even more frequently than normal.

Frequent changing can help give relief to your baby’s diaper area.

What’s Your Best Diaper Rash Help or Hack?

Is there anything I left out that has worked for you?

Let me know!

I would love to offer your solution to our community of moms!

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