7 Anger Triggers Every Moms Should Avoid

Anger triggers moms should avoid --- and how to avoid them!

It can happen in a moment.

You’re sweet, kind, bubbly and smiles when BAM!

You’ve just exploded in anger — again.

Yes, there are anger triggers for moms and the sooner you’re able to identify your specific anger triggers — the better!

Anger triggers moms should avoid --- and how to avoid them!

We’ve chatted about creating a happier home several times.

In those chats, I emphasize that a mom’s mood sets the entire tone for the family’s day.

There is no doubt that the popular saying, “If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy” is undeniably true.

But anger triggers in motherhood are not the same for everyone.

Some things may not irk you in the least, others tend to make you explode and become a monster you never dreamed of being.

Why do you need to know your specific anger triggers?

So you can avoid them at all costs.

For some moms it’s going to take determination and commitment to run away from the triggers and never look back.

But your sanity, your family and the peacefulness of your home is completely worth it — right?

anger triggers moms should avoid

Ok, let’s dig in and find your angry mom triggers!

Anger Triggers for Moms to Avoid

  • A messy house. I can hear the moms now — “Oh yeah! That’s my trigger!”

    I think this is a very, very popular trigger so it made it to the number one spot!

    Avoiding a messy house isn’t the easiest during a busy mom’s day — but I will tell you what to avoid with this trigger.

    Avoid pouting about it and doing absolutely nothing.

    Sure, that’s simple, but many moms complain, walk away, turn on Netflix or hop on Facebook to distract themselves from the mess that will continue to surround them until someone cleans it up.

    Here’s a messy house chat and one more messy house chat that may help you avoid this anger trigger and bring back peace into your home!

  • Hungry kids. Whether you’re caught up in a project, phone call or movie, sometimes time slips away and the kids are hungry and you have once again forgot to plan dinner.


    If it was just you, you could make a bowl of cereal and be done with it.

    But kids?


    They need something warm, comfy and oh-so-yummy!

    Planning ahead is definitely your best plan to avoid hungry, whiney, I’m-going-to-die-this-minute-from-starvation kids.

    To get you started


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