8 Anger Triggers Every Mom Should Avoid

Want to Stop Being an Angry Mom? Avoid These Triggers!

It can happen in a moment. You’re a patient mom, then BAM!

You’ve just exploded in anger — again.

Yes, there are anger triggers for moms and the sooner you’re able to identify your specific anger triggers — the better!

We’ve chatted about creating a happier home several times.

In those chats, I emphasize that a mom’s mood sets the entire tone for the family’s day.

There is no doubt that the popular saying, “If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy” is undeniably true.

But anger triggers in motherhood are not the same for everyone.

Anger Triggers are Different for Every Mom

Some things may not irk you in the least, but others tend to make you explode.

Then, you become the monster you never dreamed of being.

Why do you need to know your specific anger triggers?

So you can avoid them at all costs.

It’s going to take determination and commitment to run away from the triggers and never look back.

But your sanity, your family and the peacefulness of your home is completely worth it — right?

Ok, let’s dig in and find your angry mom triggers!

Anger Triggers for Moms to Avoid

Anger Trigger #1 for Moms: A messy house.

I can hear the moms now — “Oh yeah! That’s my trigger!”

I think this is a very, very popular trigger so it made it to the number one spot!

Avoiding a messy house isn’t the easiest during a busy mom’s day — but I will share what helps me avoid this trigger.

Avoid pouting and complaining about a messy house and just dig in and DO something about it.

Messes will stay there. Unfortunately, Snow White will not show up and clean your house with the help of some woodland friends.

We had to do it ourselves…but we CAN invite our kids to join in too!

Here’s a messy house chat and one more messy house chat that may help you avoid this anger trigger and bring back peace into your home!

Plus, here’s a post about secrets your missing about keeping your house clean with kids. :)

Anger Trigger #2 for Moms: Hungry kids.

Whether you’re caught up in a project, phone call or movie, sometimes time slips away and the kids are hungry.

But, you haven’t planned or cooked anything.

If it was just you, you could make a bowl of cereal and be done with it.

But kids?

Your spouse?

They normally want something warm, comfy, and oh-so-yummy!

Planning ahead is definitely your best plan to avoid hungry, whiney, I’m-going-to-die-this-minute-from-starvation kids.

To get you started here’s a list of super simple and quick meals:

How to Stop Being an Angry Mom

Anger Trigger #3 for Moms: Lack of daily, quiet time.

Every single person needs a little time to reflect, think, and relax in quiet.

Waking up earlier will ensure quiet time happens on a daily basis for most moms.Other moms can grab some daily quiet time during their young children’s nap times.Some moms may have to set up an educational movie, game or other activity to keep their kids engaged so she can snag that needed quiet time.

Here are some quiet games kids, parents and teachers love!Even if this isn’t your main anger trigger, you should still work hard to squeeze some quiet time into your daily life. Everyone benefits from a mom who has carved some quiet time into her day!

Anger Trigger #4 for Moms: Money stresses.

Just yesterday my husband was digging through our old tax income reports and we were laughing about our annual gross income of $13,000 for a family of five.

Yes, that was a financially difficult year.

And yes, lack of money an definitely be an anger trigger.

How can you avoid it?

Learning how to save and budget the money you already have is always a great start.

Then, finding some additional income will give your family the wiggle room it needs to get through financially hard times.

Anger Trigger #5 for Moms: Arguments with your husband.

Did you know that many times you can avoid these?

You have to learn to be on the look out for tiny, dangerous disagreements that can explode into an all-out, heated, very loud argument!

Oh yeah, that’ll trigger a mom’s anger for sure!

Learn how to avoid this anger trigger here.

Oh, and date that husband of yours!

Plan a spontaneous one right now!

Out of ideas?

Check out these spontaneous date night ideas!

Sometimes you can even date your husband at home!

Dates certainly help to dampen the arguments and spice up your marriage.

How to Avoid Being an Angry Mom

Anger Trigger #6 For Moms: An over-booked life.

You’re planning a baby shower for your neighbor.

You’re tutoring your niece in Geometry because you aced it in high school and she’s struggling desperately. 

You’re committed to be at a make-up party — tonight. 

And the list goes on! 

Dear busy mom….

From one busy mom to another: it’s good to say no. 

I had to learn this hard truth about five years ago.

People were asking me to do so much and yet I already had so many responsibilities on my plate. 

Many times we overcommit.

We assume that we can just cut back here or there and somehow we’ll get it all done. 

And yes, we all love helping out our friends, neighbors and family, but sometimes for the sake of avoiding our own anger triggers, we have to say no and walk away without guilt. 

There is a time to say yes, but choose your yeses carefully. 

This way you will have time for what matters most!

Anger Trigger #7 for Moms: The comparison game.

Even though we’re adults, sometimes the little, jealous girl in us comes out and begins comparing ourselves to others.

She’s prettier than me.

Her house is cleaner than mine.

She’s waaaaay more athletic than me.

Her house looks like it was professional decorated!

She’s so musically talented.

She makes so much money at home running a business — and still takes care of her family!

She doesn’t look any older than she did in college!

Her kids are so well behaved.

Have you ever had those thoughts trigger anger in your heart?

Stay away from those joy-stealing thoughts.

Be thankful for what you have and the talents you’ve been given!

Guess what else works great for avoiding this anger trigger?

Choosing to be happy for someone else’s achievements.

Praise her success in that area — verbally!

Be happy for her and stop focusing on your own inabilities.

We all have them.

Even the woman you’re a teeny bit envious of right now.

Choose to take joy in your station in life, your home, and even in the body you get to live in on this journey called life.

Anger Trigger #8 for Moms: Being late.

Nothing like not being punctual to a doctor’s appointment, school, or even just a playdate to trigger anger and frustration in some moms.

It’s difficult being on time when you have children under the age of four — I know from experience!

The best way to ensure you’ll be on time is to plan on leaving in time to deal with a diaper blow-out, a toddler meltdown, or a child tripping and scraping a knee right — all within minutes of you needing to leave!

I typically plan an additional hour to my normal “get ready” time when I have super-young kids at home.

If we’re all ready early, then we can enjoy a leisurely drive to our destination — instead of a frantic, anger-triggering, hair-raising adventure!

What’s Your Anger Trigger?

Which one are you working on avoiding?

I’d love to hear what’s helping you become a more patient, kind, and less angry mom!

Share your thoughts with us in our Parents Connect group on Facebook.

Let’s learn to love this motherhood thing together — and avoid the angry mom triggers!

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