Wetting the Bed: How to Help Kids Deal With This Common Problem

Are There Any Bedwetting Solutions that Actually Work?

Bedwetting is a VERY popular topic in the parenting realm.

With children who frequently wet the bed often dread sleepovers, camp, or other overnight trips away from home

We asked parents who had “been there” and “done that” to help other parents find solutions to this pretty common issue.

Is Wetting the Bed Common?

You and your child don’t have to go through this struggle alone, you can find comfort in knowing that many moms and kids have walked this path before.

Some kids even wet the bed every single night until they are 10 or 11 years old!

I am even including one of my children’s experiences as well.

Like I said, many of us have struggled with this issue!

I think one mom cleared up things best in this comment on our Facebook page. I asked our fans what are their best bedwetting solutions for kids were.

Here’s my favorite response:

Never make the child feel humiliated or embarrassed of their situation. As annoying, frustrating & disgusting as it can be, right before I enter their room I prepare myself by remembering how it was to wake up in pee. Laundry can be redone — a child’s self esteem, not so much. No sleepovers until we are sure the child has outgrown the situation. The last thing the child needs is to be embarrassed in front of their friends.

That has been my viewpoint on bedwetting in children since the beginning of my parenting journey.

I had one child who didn’t stop wetting the bed until nine years of age.

It was frustrating for me and my child.

But, the shame I saw on my child’s face made all my frustrations disappear.

I can only image what is must be like to wake up night after night in a yucky, wet mess.

I hated to see my child sneaking and putting on diapers because she was too embarrassed to ask for a pull-up or diaper.

What are Some Tips that Help Prevent Kids From Wetting the Bed?

Get ready to take notes because these tips from our readers are game-changers!

Limit liquids at night.

One trick we used to cut back on bedwetting was limiting liquids before bed. Bedtime is at 8 p.m., so no drinks after 7 p.m.

We also noticed that sugary drinks made the issue worse, so we cut back on those as well.

We also made sure my bed-wetting child would go to the toilet one more time before we all went to sleep.

Those steps did help sometimes — but not all the time.

The bedwetting just stopped on its on after my child was 9 years old.

Be Patient.

My 8 yr old still wears pull ups at night and even leaks through sometimes.

This doesn’t embarrass him as he doesn’t do sleepovers or anything.

We have tried the alarm every 2 to 3 hrs, etc…. nothing seems to be THE ANSWER and he just starts feeling upset and ashamed and is very tired.

I do laundry a lot (and this hack helps!). Plus, I have determined to be a patient mom.

Use a Bedwetting Alarm

These alarms help alert kids when they’ve wet the bed.

The benefit of these is it helps parents learn how ot predict when their child is wetting the bed.

If parents can find a certain sleep pattern, this could help them avoid or end bedwetting sooner by finding a common time the child wets the bed.

Some parents love these, others don’t.

They’re definitely worth a try!

Sometimes It’s Best Just to Wait it Out.

My oldest child daughter never had a problem, but my second son was a bed wetter.

I tried so many things and one night as I woke him to use the toilet, he told me he would stop wetting when he turned 8, he was 6.

I figured that was his way of telling me to back off.

I did and the last time he didn’t make it through the night was the night before he turned 8. Now he’s almost 10.

Sometimes they just need to do it in their own time.

Use Mattress Covers

I try and cut off fluids after dinner and wake my child up in the middle of the night when they are little.

They’ll get the hang of it after a while.

Plus, we use mattress covers like these.

Don’t Shame Your Kids

I come from a long line of bed wetters.

My parents were very patient.

I did the same with my daughter. I limited liquids after 6 pm.

Patience is the key, don’t shame them as it will discourage them.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

I don’t stress my kids about it.

And, no sugary drinks at dinner or before bed really helped my oldest.

He can drink watered down juice now at age 8 but not at age 6.

Offer Rewards

My 8 year old boy still struggles with wetting the bed.

We have recently stopped using pull-ups and offer rewards for dry mornings.

He is very motivated by the rewards and is having some success.

We discovered that he is wetting the bed right before he wakes up and not during the night.

The rewards seem to motivate him enough not to be in such a deep sleep.

Use Big Kid Pull-ups When Needed

Big kid pullups (like ninjamas!) for night time help kids not worry as much about the possibility of wetting the bed.

You can set an alarm to wake up every night to take kids to the bathroom, but that is tough on parents and kids.

What Advice Would You Give About Helping Kids Who Wet the Bed?

Share your tips and solutions in our Parents Connect Group!

We can all learn from each other!

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