Best Tear-Free Ways to Say Bye to Your Kids

Saying goodbye to your child or student without tears?

It’s possible — with a few, fun tips goodbyes can turn from tears to giggles, grins and smiles!

Many moms dream of a tear-free good-bye! It’s very common for kids ages 10 months or older to suffer from separation anxiety. They often wonder if and when mommy is coming back.

Most children have no concept of time and a few hours can seem like an uncertain eternity!

best tear free ways to say bye to your kids

Earlier this year I had to say bye to my kids for an unknown period of time. We hoped it would only be a couple of days, but it turned out to be 8 very long days.

Every time my husband and I thought about leaving our kids we got choked up.

We had never left the youngest three — even overnight.

We were so worried about their reactions.

In fact, it was doubly tough because we had to take three of our kids to one family, and the other three to another family.

Six kids was too much for one family to watch.

creative ways to say bye

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As we began to say goodbye, my husband and I tried to help my kids focus on the positives.

“You’re going to have so much fun with your friends…sleepovers!”

We also reminded them that we would be sure to bring them back some surprises and goodies — and we loaded them up!

Whether your goodbye is a little bit more dramatic and lengthy like our goodbye, or if you say goodbye everyday, this tips will help prevent the tears. Oh, those tears! They get me every time.

It’s always good to have fun ideas tucked away for future use — so keep this list handy! In fact, these tear-free ideas may give your child something to look forward to, and for sure they help you connect with your little one in a special, heart-to-heart way.

tear free goodbye for kids

Best Tear-free Ways to Say Bye to Kids

  • Come up with a personal handshake only reserved for goodbyes. My kids love this! My youngest son and I always make our thumbs kiss. My oldest son and I have a pretty long handshake that I passed down from my brothers and me. Think of something unique and only share it with your kids — it’s your special good-bye connection!
  • Share a picture. When you have to be separated, draw a picture on a half sheet of paper. Have your child draw a picture on one side and then write your child a note on the other side — adding a few pictures, stickers etc. Fold the note small enough to fit in your child’s pocket so they can easily look at it through the day.
  • Give a Kissing Hand. Kiss your child’s palm and have her close up her hand and keep your kiss. When she misses you, she can then put it on her check or forehead.
  • Come up with some silly good-bye phrases. We all know, “See you later, Alligator.” But what about all the other ones like “Chow, Chow, Brown Cow,” or “Better Swish, Jellyfish.” Check out all the cute ideas above in the picture. Pick your faves and say them with your munchkins!
  • tear-free ways to say goodbye to kids

What ways have you found that help your kids avoid meltdowns and tears when you have to say bye? Share your thoughts with us on social media!

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