Christmas Wrapping Paper Hockey Game

Simple games are the best, aren’t they?! I’m in love with this Christmas wrapping paper hockey game because it’s simple and playable for ANY age. Got a house full of toddlers, teens and adults? EVERYONE can join in on this fun hockey game!

Christmas wrapping paper hockey game

Do you have rolls and rolls of Christmas paper lying around the house? Snatch those rolls up and put them to good use — a hockey game! Grab any type of ball your group of players would love and you’re almost ready to play this creative game!

christmas wrapping paper hockey game

This wrapping paper hockey game is great for kids during winter break. They can be entertained without turning on a video game or movie! Just make sure they play FAR away from any breakables!

Want to play this game outdoors? Go ahead! Indoor games is your thing? Keep the game inside! It’s super versatile for busy families who love to play games but don’t want to invest money or loads of time preparing for a competitive game!

christmas wrapping paper game

Take this game up a notch and pick holiday themed teams. You can do elves vs. reindeer or snowmen vs. gingerbread! Be creative — that’s what makes a game CRAZY FUN!

Ok, let’s stop chatting about this Christmas wrapping paper hockey game and just get playing! As in super athletic fan terms “Just play the game!”

Christmas wrapping paper hockey game

Instructions below!

Christmas Wrapping Paper Hockey Game

Supplies needed:

  • small ball/balloon/non-breakable Christmas ornament
  • 2 Christmas wrapping paper rolls (with plastic wrap still on)

  • 2 small boxes

  • scissors

  • tape


  1. Wrap two small boxes (without lids) with Christmas paper to make the hockey goals. I used
    cardboard photo storage boxes for my goals.
  2. Leave the plastic wrap on your wrapping paper rolls to ensure the paper stays on during the game. If you have small children, the game will be easier for them if you cut the wrapping paper roll in half so it’s the right size.
  3. Play the game! Two or more players can play at one time. The objective is to hit the ball in the opposing team’s goal. Lean the goals up against a wall or furniture to keep them in place or tape them to the floor. I used a small, soft soccer ball for my game. But, you could also use a small balloon or a non-breakable Christmas ornament.