Crazy-fun Snow Globe Races for Families

It’s the season of snow globes and holiday games!

We took those two Christmas traditions and combined them to create a crazy-fun, but super simple game — Snow Globe Races!

printable snow globe races for families

The instructions are crazy simple (because that’s what families need during the holiday season.)

And people of a variety of ages can play!

Enjoy your favorite snow globe in a NEW way --try Snow Globe races! Print out this cute and simple set of Snow Globe races to get started on a simple, family Christmas game that's great for many ages!

Guess what? You don’t have to only use these Snow Globe games for holiday parties — they’re perfect for winter break or Family nights too!

Don’t have a snow globe? You can make this DIY, Gorgeous Snow Globe here! It’s one of my favorites because it doesn’t leak!

easy diy snow globe that kids can make

Let’s chat about the simple instructions for playing Snow Globe Races.

printable snow globe races

Snow Globe Races Instructions

  • Print out Snow Globe Races Set.
  • Once everyone is ready (any number players will work) have one person gently shake the snow globe and place it on a table.
  • Complete each holiday task before all the snow drops to the ground!

(definitely pick a snow globe that has fast-moving snow to keep this game full of giggles!)

And of course, we’ve added a few options to our printable game!

Game Options:

Break up into teams and keep points for each holiday task that was completed before the last snowflake fell to the ground.

Ready to play?

Download, print and play!

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