Dear Weary Mom, THIS is Why You Need to Get out of the Bed Today

Is your heart heavy this morning?

You’re not alone.

Moms across the world often search for a reason to get out of the bed every single morning.

Some struggle with constant health issues — weakness, pain, headaches and migraines. I shared my personal story about migraines and exactly what a neurologist told me to do to prevent them here. Hope it’s a help!

Others struggle with unfaithful husbands who seem oblivious to their family’s needs. We actually have a popular book on How to Love Your No Good, Very Bad Husband here if your marriage could use some healing, help or just a healthy dose of LOVE!

Still other moms struggle with the weight of carrying all the financial responsibilities of the family.

And yet, there are still others that struggle daily to find joy, determination and wisdom to help their special needs kids get through each day without meltdowns or catastrophes.

But you mom, no matter your personal struggle, need to get out of the bed today.

It’s not going to be easy.

Your day may have some hurdles that need jumping when it seems there’s not an ounce of physical or emotional strength left in your drained body.

But you have to go on.

And I won’t be mean and tell you get up, get over it and get moving.

Instead, I’m going to share with you some true inspiration for getting out of that bed and facing the day — no matter what the day may bring.

And one mom personally emailed me and said this post about thriving as a SAHM helped her get out of the bed. She stayed in the bed for three days reading it daily until she could find enough inspiration to just get up and get moving. Maybe it will help you too!

And the main reason you need to face the day, this world and all the problems in it?

Dear Weary Mom

Look around.

See those tiny people that call you mom?

They’re learning about this world — the good, the bad and the ugly.

And they need you to guide them through it. They need you to be their security blanket.

And my kids need me.

I’m going to share with you something a lot of people don’t know.

I’m white-knuckled, heart-racing scared of flying on airplanes. Yet, it’s part of my life as an overseas missionary.

Many times we have to fly for 22-36 hours.

Our most recent, long flight was horrendous for me.

I was crying silently and could not eat, read or watch movies.

I was letting fear and discouragement control me.

But then I glanced at my ten-year-old.

She was gripping the arm rest and her eyes were full of fear.

We were landing, and she dreaded that as much as I dreaded the entire flight.

Immediately my mama heart kicked in and squashed my fears as I leaned over, grasped her hand and whispered reassuring words.

I had to step outside of my comfort zone to do that, but it’s absolutely what needed to be done.

Did I have struggles? Yes.

Was I afraid? Absolutely.

But when I focused on her needs. Her struggles. Mine actually seemed almost non existent.

Even though I was helping her, I was receiving help too. <3 <3 Do I make the right decisions every day and put my kids first? Ashamingly no — but I want to at least keep trying…

And I hope you will too. <3

What can we do about weariness and discouragement that haunts us on a daily basis?

Powerful article! Every weary mom needs to get out of the bed for THIS very reason! Hugs ot you, weary mom -- but this is a must-read encrougeaing post that brings reality into perspective!

How a Weary Mom Can Find Strength to Get Out of the Bed

  • Focus on the brevity of childhood. What can trigger your mind to kick into mama gear instead of focusing on troubles in your life?

    Little things. All around you.

    Notice the tiny dolls with tangled hair lying on the floor? How about the hall that’s sprinkled with Legos and super heroes? And what about stick drawings of your family taped to your fridge?

    That’s your little one’s childhood.

    And it’s a short one.

    On average, your child spends 18 Christmases, 18 birthdays, 18 New Year’s Days and 18 Thanksgivings at your home before embarking on their adult life journeys.

    I have three Christmas’s left with my oldest son. Three.

    That reality makes me truly think about letting my troubles keep me in bed.

  • Remember powerful sayings and inspirational Bible verses. The other day I wanted to have a pity party.

    A full-blown, chocolate-laden, Hallmark-movie, pity party.

    I had exercised faithfully, given up coffee, was eating pretty clean and still had a physical crash — including headaches, body pains, fatigue, nausea and a rash.

    When I voiced my groans to my husband he reminded me of the Bible verse that says “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine; but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”

    And those were the exact words I needed to hear.

    I could mope and focus on my personal struggles, or I could take joy in what I do have.

    The medicine I needed to help me put one foot in front of the other was a merry heart. <3 <3 Maybe that’s the exact medicine you need today!

    And I have some inspirational printables, mom helps and more mom freebies in my mom kit you can download today. It’s sent straight to your inbox and is completely free. Just a little gift to help you find even more encouragement on your mom journey. I hope you love it!

  • Think thankful thoughts. I have six amazing kids that are doing well in school, helping in the ministry and joyfully helping with chores around the house. That should make any mom’s heart merry, right?

    I have a work from home business that’s doing well. I know some women would love that to be their story too! There’s merry heart reason #2!

    I have an amazing husband that loves me enough to do all the silly, romantic antics I request. He’s a keeper. Definitely Merry heart reason #4.

    And most of all I have a Savior who listens to me when I call out to Him with groanings of frustration, confusion and weakness. That’s irreplaceable. That is merry heart reason #infinity.

    But, I have even more blessings to focus on.

    And so do you.

    And from those blessings, you can find strength to get out of the bed and be the mom your kids need you to be.

  • Let go of perfection and just be “mom.”

    You don’t have to be perfect.

    You don’t have to have the most gorgeous DIY home, or bake the prettiest cupcakes or even have all your spices and canned goods alphabetically organized.

    You just need to get out of the bed and start…

    Why You Need to Get Out of the Bed

    Start loving your kids.

    Start guiding them through their day — school, meals, clean-up and of course PLAY!

    They are the MAIN reason you should face your struggles, find your smile and fight to give your kids the very best childhood you can.

  • Fill your ears with God’s word. Yesterday I decided to do something a little different. Instead of listening to music while I fixed my hair and applied my make-up, I found a video on Youtube that just had people reading scripture.

    I chose to listen to the Psalms, because on super-tough days the Psalms are my soul’s balms. <3 I was amazed at how powerful and uplifting it was ot my should to hear God’s word read. My youngest son came in and listened right along as I finished up my hair and we both just listened and enjoyed hearing encouraging truths. This is the video I listened to. I hope it’s a blessing to you too!

Why Should You Get out of Bed Today?

Because your children find the majority of their security in YOU.

That’s a pretty important position in their lives and it’s important that you make the sacrifices to walk that path…even if it means getting out of the bed and just trying.

Be that mom who will be there to help with homework.

Be there to tuck them in at night.

Be there to kiss their boo-boos when they fall.

Be there to shove the dollar under their pillow in exchange for their very first AND last lost tooth.

Be there to applaud, scream and cheer for them at their soccer games.

And be there to make sure they clean up the pile of Legos scattered in the hallway. ;0)

If your pillow is filled with tears and your heart is bursting with despair, don’t let your struggles, your heartaches and your discouragement keep you from being a mom today.

Take time to heal.

Take time to pray.

Take time to get away.

But take time to be the mom your kids need.

You only get to raise them once.

18 Christmases…

18 birthdays…

Let’s make them count. <3


A Mom Who Struggles Too

(We ALL do!)

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