DIY Popsicle Scarecrows

Craft Stick Scarecrows Craft

Kids will love making fun fall crafts!
These scarecrows will be a favorite for teachers, kids, and parents!

They’re simple, low fuss, and use few materials.

Materials Needed for DIY Popsicle Scarecrows

Popsicle Or Craft sticks

These can be found at most stores. But you can also find them for $5 on Amazon here!

Acrylic paint

Orange, red, and yellow are the colors recommended for this. You can also grab a set of acrylic paint here.


It would be best to make sure the brush is clean before use. Here’s a favorite paint brush set of crafters!

Glue gun & sticks

Don’t forget the sticks of glue! I use a cheap flue gun from Dollar Tree.

Illustration board

You can grab this. here.

To keep things cheap and simple, I also use thick poster board, felt, or even construction paper if I’m in a pinch! Use what works best for your busy day or week!


Be sure to supervise your kids when they use this tool.

Hemp yarn

This type of yarn is just a little stronger than a regular yarn.

You can grab some here.

But, again, it’s not the end of the world if you use a different type of yarn. Please don’t stress about a few of these materials. We recommend using them, but they’re are always other options!

Foam sheet

Make sure you have the correct color for the scarecrow.

Here’a a pack of oodles of color options!


Using a permanent marker works just as well!

How to Make Popsicle Scarecrows

Arrange the popsicle sticks and draw a slant line (upper right to lower left)—it’ll serve as your limitation where you should paint.

Paint the upper parts of the popsicles orange.

When it is dry, glue them together.

Paint one whole popsicle stick orange, and wait for it to dry. Then use the glue gun to glue it in slope position into the set of popsicle sticks, making sure that it will cover the excess paints.

Cut (2) medium size circles and (2) small circles from the illustration board.

Using the glue gun, stick the circles to each other, creating eyes. Then paste it into the popsicle sticks.

Cut a small triangle from the foam sheet, it’ll serve as a nose, and paste it into the popsicle sticks as well, below the eyes.

Use the marker to draw a curve line on popsicle sticks, below the nose.

Make a rope out of the hemp yarn and fold it until it is short enough just like in the picture, and tie it in the middle.

Again, use the glue gun to paste the hemp yarn at the upper back of the complete product.

You are done with your POPSICLE SCARECROW CRAFT, you did great!

TIPS to Make the BEST Popsicle Scarecrow:

Make sure to glue the materials together correctly AND tightly or else they will easily fall apart.

Be careful when using the scissor and the gluegun.

popsicle scarecrow craft

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