Why Every Family Needs a “Magic Rug”

Absolutely. No doubt about it. Every single family needs a “magic rug.” Don’t believe me? Read on and you’ll see why you need to keep a “magic rug” in your family for years and years.

why every family needs a magic rug

Rewind 11 years and you’ll see me with three small children and a growing baby bump. Watch me waddle into the kitchen to wash dishes. In order to keep my small children out of trouble, I would guide them to the big, “magic rug” in the living room. There they would enjoy some quiet, safe fun. Now, our family doesn’t really believe in magic, so we always grin and wink at each other because we ALL know it’s a silly joke!

Moving on…

Once my tiny munchkins were settled on the “magic rug” they could run, jump, skip, roll and even do a cartwheel — as long as not one pinky toe could stepped on the hardwood floor beside the rug. And that was that.

Fast forward a few years and our family of eight did something wild and crazy. We flew across the world to Southeast Asia. And yes, we had a “magic rug” shipped to us! That’s how important it was to this mama!

And many times our “magic rug” would transform into a “reading rug.”

After a long and busy day my kids and I would sit on the rug and read our favorite biographies out-loud. You could hear kids calling other kids, “Come to the magic reading rug! Hurry!” I loved to watch my kids all snuggle in the same area — just to listen to a book!

why every family needs a magic rug

I’d also spend time playing with my youngest son on the “magic rug.” We often raced small cars and trucks.

why every family needs a magic rug

Our “magic rug also became our “game rug”. We played almost every family game on that rug — and still do today!

Later on, our rug became our “family devotion” rug. At 7:30 pm sharp, our kids all squish into our bedroom and find a spot on our “magic rug” to listen to my husband teach them the Bible. We then pray, give hugs and say goodnight. Oh, these are some special memories we are making!

Why Does YOUR Family Need a “Magic Rug”?

  • It provides a place for kids to enjoy quiet time daily. Anytime you need kids to stay quiet for some time, you can direct them to the “magic rug”. IT’s not a time-out rug. IT’s a rug FULL of fun memories and activities! You can let your kiddos play these quiet games if quiet is absolutely necessary.
  • It provides a place for your family to retreat and read. I cannot stress to you how much of a blessing it is to take time to read with your family. Devotionals, funny stories, biographies — it all adds up to a wealth of knowledge. A reading family is a growing family!
  • It’s a place for kids to stay safe. This may sound crazy, but sometimes parents get caught up with a phone call, text messaging or some other distraction and little ones can get gone — fast! Even in your home, if you have toddlers, they need to be in a safe, monitored place. Place your “magic rug” in an area where you need to get work done or where you may get involved with a distraction. Setting your kids on a “magic rug” can provide a safe place for toddlers and preschoolers during those busy or distracted times!
  • It can be a “chaos free” station. If your family is getting a tiny bit chaotic, simply call everyone to the “Magic rug.” Again, it’s not a punishment. Just a place to calm down, recollect and gain some sanity once again. Think of it as a “chaos free” rug or “regrouping” rug!

Do I plan on ALWAYS having a “Magic rug” in my home?

You betcha!

Even when the grandkids come for a visit — many, many, MANY years later — this Grandma will have a “Magic rug” for her grandkids. It’s going to be a family tradition for years to come!

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