Why Every Moment Matters in Babyhood

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Every snuggle. Every giggle. Every cry. Every breath.

Especially every breath. They all matter in babyhood.

moments in motherhood that matter

Every time one of my six kids were spending their first year of life on this planet we call Earth, I would listen to them breathing. I would count their little fingers and kiss their little heads. Then I would inhale that sweet, fresh baby smell as they rested soundly in my arms.

I was always super careful and almost mama bear-like when I tucked my babies in the bed at night. No stuffed animals or heavy blankets were found near my baby — especially crib bumpers! Baby monitors? Yep. I used those too. But, oh how I wished they had the Owlet baby monitors when my kids were little!

why moments matter in baby hood

It’s not just any monitor, it’s the first one of its kind. Owlet baby monitors are designed to alert you when your baby’s heart rate or oxygen level falls outside of normal range.

Owlet uses hospital technology called pulse oximetry — that’s fancy talk for the little red light they clip on your finger at the hospital to monitor your heart rate and oxygen levels. The Owlet Baby monitor brilliant tucked this proven technology in a snuggly, oh-so-cute baby sock that fits right into the nursery.

I have friends who have shared their frightening stories with me about their infant babies. One found her toddler had covered her infant sister with a baby blanket. The mother quickly removed the blanket, but was shaken by what could have happened had she not removed the blanket in time.

moments matter in babyhood

In that specific situation, if oxygen levels had gone outside of the normal range, the owlet baby monitor would have alerted my friend. It’s not just sleeping times when babies need to be monitored!

Why Every Moment Matters in Babyhood

Why does every moment matter in babyhood? Why do all those moments need to be monitored and cherished? Because your child is only a baby once. Trust me. Babyhood goes by waaaaaaay too fast! In just a little over a year those tiny feet turn into chubby toddler feet, then big kid feet, then gigantic teen feet and finally independent adult feet. You only get to enjoy the babyhood journey with your child once — make it a special one!

In order to make it special, moms like you need rest. You need it to function in your home. You need it to nurture and raise your miniature bundle of happiness! You needs it to stay energetic and alert.

A well-rested, stress-free mom makes babyhood happier and less stressful for babies! Don’t think for a second your tiny wonder can’t sense the change in your mood, tone of voice or irritated body language. Get the rest and peace you need by choosing a product for your nursery that will alert you if there are changes in your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels. You can sleep soundly knowing you don’t have to be on pins and needles, listening for every tiny sound — just in case.

Yes, every single moment is precious in babyhood. Guard those precious moments with Owlet.

For moms, this product is a no-brainer for extra security and peace of mind in the years of babyhood!

babyhood moments

Oh, and to make even monitoring your baby even more convenient the Owlet has a smartphone companion app that allows you to view live vitals and monitor remotely. It’s available on iOS and Android! How cool is that?!

We all know motherhood can be stressful! Take comfort in knowing your baby will still be monitored when you’re grabbing your zzz’s and sleep more peacefully during the babyhood with Owlet!

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