15 Secret Tips to Restore Dry, Damaged Hair

Is your hair dry, damaged, dull and even thinning? We’re sharing a TRUE story of a mom who suffered from severely damaged hair after taking medication to prevent malaria. Her story is an inspiration to any mom who desires to have shiny, beautiful, bouncy hair!

Hair is super important to many of us moms.

We’ll spend extravagant amounts of time and money to give our hair the perfect shade, cut, style and texture.

Sometimes we feel like going straight and sleek, other times we want to add some fun and give it a few curls.

Whatever the case, we moms want to have beautiful, healthy hair.

After taking meds to prevent malaria,my shiny, thick hair became dry, damaged and thin. Here are my 15 secret tips that actually made my hair drastically improve in only three months! See the difference for yourself! #hairtips #hairhelp #dmagedhair #dryhair #drydamagedhair #Hairhelp #beautytipsformoms #hairtipsformoms #momhair #healthyhair #hairshampoo #Hairconditionder #Hairproducts #hairtips

A few months ago I noticed one of my Facebook friends had posted a pic of her hair before and after she tried some healthy hair tips.

The change was almost unbelievable!

And I am not the only one who noticed!

She had lots of women commenting and asking her what she did.

I couldn’t help but reading read as she patiently answered everyone’s hair-related questions.

Apparently she wasn’t the only one suffering from dry, damaged hair!

I did what any blogger would do…I asked her to share her tips!

healthy hair for moms

But before we dig into the tips that transformed her hair from dry and damaged to shiny and vibrant, let’s found out how her damaged hair story started.

The Damaged, Dry Hair Story

Amanda always enjoyed thick, shiny, envy-worthy hair.

But the condition of her hair drastically changed when she took part in a mission trip to Africa.

She was required to take anti-malarial and typhoid meds prior and during the duration of the trip.

Not until later did Amanda realize the ugly truth: 1% of people will experience negative side effects from those exact meds — and she was one of the 1%.

After two months she noticed some thinning of her hair, but had no idea how much damage had actually been done.

damaged to beautiful hair

But, she was soon to find out.

Upon her return from her mission trip, her husband soon commented about the change in her hair.

She knew something was very wrong if her husband noticed.

When she returned home, both her and her husband combed out her hair and snapped some pics.

That’s when the damage startled them both.

She immediately went to get a trim so the damage wouldn’t be so obvious.

(Just so you can see the difference yourself, here are pics that show the transformation. The far left is the before picture, and the other two are one and two months after she started her at-home healthy hair treatments.)

damaged hair to healthy hair

After weeks, and even months, of asking questions and researching dry and damaged hair, Amanda found some secrets that truly helped her hair become beautiful once again.

After taking meds to prevent malaria,my shiny, thick hair became dry, damaged and thin. Here are my 15 secret tips that actually made my hair drastically improve in only three months! See the difference for yourself! #hairtips #hairhelp #dmagedhair #dryhair #drydamagedhair #Hairhelp #beautytipsformoms #hairtipsformoms #momhair #healthyhair #hairshampoo #Hairconditionder #Hairproducts #hairtips

On her quest to restore her dry and damaged hair, she decided to heal her hair on the inside and the out.

(And by the way, when I tried Amanda’s tips for myself, I noticed that my hair loss from living in a tropical, humid country and dealing with chronic illness drastically improved too! My hair stopped falling out when I brushed it, thickened up and it’s youthful shine returned!)

Just with any restorative process, make small changes so you’re not overwhelmed!

And to keep yourself motivated, take pictures of your progress! <3

15 Tips to Help Transform Dry and Damaged Hair to Gorgeous and Youthful

  1. Use a hair dryer with controlled and gentle heat settings. She recommends (and so do we) choosing one with controlled heat settings. That way it’s more gentle on your hair! We’ve linked to the exact one she purchased below, but be sure to check out your local discount stores — like TJMaxx and Marshall’s for some great discounts! Amanda found hers for $35 at TJMaxx. Awesome snag!
  2. Turbo Power 325 Superf Turbo Lite 3300 Nano Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer, 1700 WattTurbo Power 325 Superf Turbo Lite 3300 Nano Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer, 1700 WattKeratin Complex Keratin Care Shampoo and Conditioner Duo 33oz setKeratin Complex Keratin Care Shampoo and Conditioner Duo 33oz setblowpro Hydra Quench Daily Hydrating Shampoo, 8 fl. oz.blowpro Hydra Quench Daily Hydrating Shampoo, 8 fl. oz.


  3. Take one multi-vitamin and 5,000 mcg of Biotin at night. Remember she wanted to heal her hair on the inside and the out?

    This is part of that plan!

    I’ve got some Biotin in my room right now and it really works!

    By the way, I met up with a hair dresser who I mistakenly took for an 18-year-old because her hair was so thick and healthy!

    She really encouraged me to keep up the Biotin to see the same amazing hair results.

    I’ve been extremely happy with my results!

  4. Take Silica Complex three times per day(with meals). This supplement made a HUGE difference for Amanda! I immediately ordered a bottle myself and started using it. It helped my nails grow too!

    But, definitely follow Amanda’s example and take them with meals. If not, you may experience some nausea. I did!

  5. High Potency Biotin (10,000mcg) with Organic Coconut Oil; Supports Hair Growth, Glowing Skin and Strong Nails; 120 Mini-Veggie SoftgelsHigh Potency Biotin (10,000mcg) with Organic Coconut Oil; Supports Hair Growth, Glowing Skin and Strong Nails; 120 Mini-Veggie SoftgelsWholefood Power Daily Multivitamins and Minerals for Women and Men: 90 Count - 30 plus Real Whole Food Fruits and Vegetables, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, B-Complex. Vegan and Made in the USAWholefood Power Daily Multivitamins and Minerals for Women and Men: 90 Count – 30 plus Real Whole Food Fruits and Vegetables, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, B-Complex. Vegan and Made in the USANOW Silica Complex,180 TabletsNOW Silica Complex,180 Tablets


  6. Invest in quality, moisturizing shampoos. Amanda chose the two, highly-rated, moisturizing shampoos shown above. Keratin Complex smoothing therapy and Blow pro essentials (hydra quench) are known for adding moisture. And that’s exactly what damaged hair needs!
  7. Apply Moroccan Oil to hair often. If you’re unable to find or afford Moroccan oil, coconut oil is a good plan B. It’s also natural oil, but it’s available at so many stores and is in most people’s price range. But Moroccan oil is known to render incredible results when used on hair! And it’s much cheaper to apply at home than to opt for an oil treatment in the salon. Amanda said her bottle of Moroccan oil lasted her an entire year!

    How does she use it?

    When her hair is damp, she places approximately a dime-sized amount onto the ends of her hair.

    If her hair seems a little dry after being styled, she will add about half of the previous amount again — just to the ends of her hair.

  8. Avoid high heats on straighteners. I know these beauty tools help us look our best for date nights, but if you absolutely need to straighten your hair, at least lower the temperature! But I will tell you a little secret: if you do a coconut oil treatment the night before your special occasion, your hair may very well “look” straightened without using the straightener. I often get asked if I straightened my hair when I do a coconut oil mask and follow through with a thorough washing, a good conditioner and a gentle blow-dry.
  9. Be very careful about wet hair. Hair is at it’s most vulnerable state when it’s wet. Be mindful of this when you’re styling and brushing!
  10. Only wash hair 2-3 times per week. This will give your hair time to build up natural oils and prevent dull, dry hair. Use dry shampoo in between washings if necessary until your hair naturally adjusts to only 2-3 washings per week.
  11. Always use a powerful conditioner. Never skip this step! The conditioner is sometimes more important than the shampoo. Don’t skip this step even after an oil treatment! You always want to replenish your hair with a moisturizing conditioner after you’ve soaped up your hair.
  12. Stop messing with your hair! Brushing it repeatedly, teasing it etc. can accelerate damage. Just fix it and forget it! (One of my favorite tips from a hair stylist!)
  13. Don’t live in a bun or an updo. Avoid putting your hair up when it’s wet. Your hair is extremely fragile when it’s wet. Leave it down until dries! Putting your hair in elastics or rubber bands can cause hair breakage. If you’re looking for some time-saving hair tips to replace your bun or updo, check these out!
  14. Don’t start brushing wet hair. Let it blow dry or air dry halfway before beginning to brush. And when you do brush it, be patient and brush slowly. Don’t jerk your hair through any tangles. Slowly work through them. Your hair will thank you!
  15. healthy hair secrets

  16. Look for natural highlighters or bleaching options. If you absolutely need to color your hair, look for natural products. Be careful when heading to a salon. They often use strong solutions because they render better results. Until your hair has healed, be very careful with what you put on it!
  17. Add more protein to your diet. Adding protein to your diet creates stronger strands of hair, which equals less breakage!
  18. Get a fresh hair cut. To give your hair a chance after loads of damage, give it a quick, fresh trim. Ask your hair stylist to trim off the damaged ends so you can get a head start on transforming your hair from dry and damaged to healthy and beautiful!

Have you struggled with damaged hair before? What steps did you take to gain your healthy, thickness and shine back? Share your story with us on social media!

*Amanda and Alison are not healthcare professionals, only moms that desire healthy hair.*

*Affiliate links have been added to help you find some natural remedies for your kids!*

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    1. Well. You did find his in a blog for moms. What did you expect?
      Can’t wait too see how my hair changes in a month!

      1. I actually didn’t, at least not exactly. I found it on Pinterest. I get that I’m not the blog’s primary audience (yes, the overarching blog is about motherhood), but when you write about a topic that isn’t parent-specific (like hair), why unnecessarily alienate your secondary audiences (other people who could likewise benefit from the information). Not wise from a “marketing” standpoint

        1. I understand your marketing thought, but I am not a beauty blog, so unless it is relevant to my readers, I do not post it. I would rather stay true to them than focus on marketing. Any post I write, I try to write it from a mom’s point of view to help and encourage moms. This was relevant because it was a mom’s personal experience and it hit on a subject that many moms are interested in. Hope that makes sense!

        2. Actually from a marketing stand point it’s more beneficial for her. You really shouldn’t comment such negativity, especially when your marketing advice isn’t acurrate.

          Nice post by the way! I am not a mom but truly enjoyed reading your article. Last month in my couponing I actually received a huge bottle of pure Moroccan oil for free. I’ve been using in on my knuckles to moisten them but now I’ll try it in my hair!

          1. I really wasn’t trying to be combative, believe it or not. I’d intended to add a smiley face to my original comment so that was clear. RE: Marketing: Non-moms have a way of becoming moms. The truth is I will be a mom soon (and could’ve become a regular reader, but am choosing not to). What I was trying to express (and did so badly!) was that non-moms often feel excluded by mothers even over topics that apply more broadly to women in general. Apologies for taking out my frustration here, though!

        3. It’s actually laughable that you seem offended that she addresses “moms”… You truly care that much?!? Read the article, take from it what applies to you. I read lots of articles and sometimes I’m not the intended audience! How dare they do that!

          1. Agreed. I admit the (bemused) frustration my comment demonstrated was over issues/trends much broader than this article. Expressing it here was silly, at best.

        4. Actually women who have gone through a full term pregnancy have a different body composition. This might not work as well for women who have yet to go through a pregnancy. Why don’t you try it out and see of it works for you!

        5. I think its directed towards moms because we were gifted the magical gift of hair loss after having children. Not saying other people dont suffer from it, but that brings me to the point that was already brought up, this IS a motherhood blog…

    2. Hi ladies. I am the one the story is about. I wanted to answer a few questions I’ve seen in the comments. The first one stated it worked for me because I’m a mom. Yes that is true, I am a mother, but I am just like everyone else, a woman. Our bodies do crazy things when we introduce different medications into it. So even if you don’t have children, there may be a point in your life when my story may help you.

      1. Are you sure the products caused this transformation and not the fact that you were no longer on those medications? Do you have a picture of your hair before the medications damaged it?

        1. HI there! There is always the possibility that no longer being on the medications allowed my body to heal. However, my only hesitation in that answer is because I took the live virus typhoid pills, which gives you antibodies for 10 years against the virus, verses the 1 year protection from the shot. Since I intend to return to Africa, I decided to take the pills. So I am not sure the exact time frame too which the medications will last. I have a personal fb page which has many other photos

      2. Hi,
        Thanks for the info,my hair was lovely and thick and now it’s so thin,so I will definetly get the Biotin and the other things. Anything is worth a try to safe what hair I have left- thanks for sharing

      3. Hi Amanda
        Thank you for your information but do you use a conditioner also after shampooing?
        Thank you

        1. HI there! I do use a conditioner, but not every time I shampoo. On average, I condition every other wash or so. There isn’t a certain one I use, but right now I have a conditioner that is a “mask” for the hair. Hope that helps :)

  1. WOW! I cannot believe the difference. I’m so glad that you have your healthy, beautiful hair back. At least it was for a good cause, but you shouldn’t have to give up your hair to go on a mission trip. Thanks so much for all of the info.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. My hair healing was without a doubt drastic. But if I had to do it all over again, now knowing what would of happened, I would lose my hair in a heart beat. I know missions are not as close to everyones heart as it is mine, and thats okay. We washed 5,000 people’s feet and gave them shoes. I was able to love on those sweet children as I would my own. I may have lost something, but Africa gave me much more than I gave it.I hope my story will help inspire in many ways

  2. Lived in Morocco

    There are plenty of co-ops that sell their fresh argon oil online and the money goes directly to the women who make the oil. I worked with several co-ops while living in southern Morocco.

  3. I don’t have this problem but I do use the oil on my hair to control frizzies and to protect it from my straightener. It really helps. I got my oil in a non-aerosol spray bottle from Sally Beauty supply for about $10. I don’t straighten my hair everyday so it is not even 1/4 of the way gone and I’ve had the bottle for 6 months. My hairdresser told me about it and I am so glad she did.

  4. While I was not on a mission trip (thank you for doing things like that, btw. The world needs it), I had gone to get subtle highlights in my long, brown, thick, fast growing hair and walked out with what looked like gray stripes. I tried to have the color repaired and it dried my hair out so horribly it would just crack off near the ends. We had to cut some :(, and they tried hear treatments that made it worse. More cuts. And I just vowed to never let anyone touch my head again until it grew out. But it wouldn’t budge. It used to grow fast and it was just getting thinner and thinner. I also went rough a sad breakup and I believe stress probably did not help. I looked into supplements and found so many good reviews for GNC ultranourish hair vitamins, I bought them immediately. I always have used omega 3-6-9 and dha , but I wasn’t good at taking them consistently each day, so j started to never miss a dose of them. And I added in another Biotin And Folic Acid pill, in a lower dose. I stared doing this on July 9th, and my hair has grown at least an inch already. Not exaggerating! It already looks longer, and definitely thinker and healthier as I get comments about it quite often now! I still have a long way to go. But this was definitely the jump start my hair needed. I go very easy on hear products too now. Still use them, but much less. I must say I have been really happy to find that GNC product and I absolutely recommend it- sometimes online reviews are such scams, but since I could not find hardly any negative results about this one, I tried it and I am sure glad I did.
    This is kind of weird, but I swear it helps too- lots of pales talk about gentle head massages to stimulate the scalp. And I bought one of those head massager things (for like $5 from world market) that looks like about 7 or 8 wires with a handle that you run through your hair on your scalp. I usenet before bed and almost anytime I am sitting, mainly because it just feels AMAZING and it’s gently massaging my scalp! Win- Win right there!!!!

      1. I got one at Bed Bath and Beyond a couple of years ago. They DO feel great. It looks like a whisk that’s had the bottom (rounded part) cut off.

  5. I have had hair issues since my first was born in 2007 and have been looking for something to help ever since! I am so excited that this isn’t something that is going to cost a crap-ton of money!
    Thanks for sharing, I will be looking these things up tomorrow! :)

  6. Wow, Thanks for writing this!

    I wonder how it would work on a male who is starting to experience thinning hair?

    Have you had any experience chatting with men who have tried your routine?

    :) Thanks in Advance!

    1. Hi there! The only experience I have from a male trying my tips would be my husband. :) He only has tried the biotin at a much lower does than I take to see if it would help his facial hair thicken up. He hasn’t come to a conclusive answer yet, but it certainly hasn’t hurt him :) Good luck, I’d love to know if you hear of any men it helps

  7. Another top that has made the biggest impact on my now hair.. NO SHAMPOO. There are so many nasty chemicals in there, and your hair doesn’t need them! Try a baking soda “shampoo”, and apple cider vinegar conditioning rinse. You will be amazed!

    1. I’ve been “no-poo-ing” since late January, and my hair is softer, stronger, and longer than ever in my life! Loving it so much, and people comment constantly on my “beautiful hair”. Thought this would be mentioned in this article – combined with the other tips, just imagine how amazing one’s hair would look!

      1. Hi there! I actually read a good bit about trying that route. I wasn’t ever able to completely commit to making that work for me, but have had many friends who love that process too.

  8. I have long hair and alway have but I did notice my hair was a lot healthier when I was pregnant so when I had my second child I just continue to take my prenatal vitamins and i stall do and not only does it help my hair it helps my nails and my skin if you’re looking for good multivitamin that would be it . You can bye it over the counter at Walmart ,grocery store ,drugstores you don’t have to be a moms to tack it you just don’t find out about it tell you become one

    1. Hi Amanda. Thanx for such useful great info.
      Would like to know which brand shampoo is d keratin complex…I guess amazon offers different brands for this name of shampoo.

  9. I’m wondering if the hair regrowth came because the meds were no longer being used? And that no matter what products were used, the hair would grow back anyway… also, if someone is experiencing hair loss, or dry, brittle hair (not related to something like a perm or color) they might consider having thyroid levels checked – thinning, dry, brittle hair is a major symptom of hypothyroidism.

    1. I also have taken these medications and lived in Africa for 6 years. The hair damage did not stop due to the stop of the harsh medications. I am hoping that adding biotin and silica will help my hair too. Thank you for the advice Amanda!

  10. I have long thick hair and for a few months have been using natural shampoos without SLR or PBA but I really like WEN the best. This is a cleansing conditioner which cleans without drying. I also always add Moroccan oil to the ends, and comb through (this will disperse the oil). My hair fall has reduced to a couple of hairs a day, I rarely suffer from scalp issues any more, and last time I went to the hair dresser my ends were in such good condition I only required a few millimetres off.

  11. hi I have a hair problem I am going bold on the top of my head, which is getting worse when I wash my hair I get a hand full of hair, when I dont wash it and rub my fingers through my hair and it falls out. I am on warfarin and other medication its starting to get me down any advice

    1. Go to the doctor and get your thyroid checked . Sometimes when it’s out of whack it causes hair loss . Maybe your medications (warfarin) or something else is causing your thyroid to be unbalanced .

  12. You shouldn’t buy hair products from tj maxx or marshalls or any grocery store bc diverters buy it from salons and put other products inside the bottles or it could be really old! Just fyi coming from a hair stylist

    1. HI there! Yes you do have to be careful. Shampoos that are paraben free have expiration dates on the bottom of the bottles. I find many that have a year or more before their expiration dates are up from those stores. So always check that before purchasing. Good Luck

  13. I take anti malarial medication for systemic lupus. My hair falls out in clumps. I’m not sure if it is the disease or all the medications. I assume though that you stopped taking them though before starting this regime. Just wondering if it world work if you were still taking the meds.

    1. Hi Marie! I was off the medication for two weeks when I started the process of trying to heal my hair. The best thing is trying to heal from the inside out, with the supplements. Then the products I use have helped protect and repair the outside damage. Hope that helps! Thank you for reading my story

    2. I was wondering if it was Plaquenil. I too take it for lupus and Sjogren’s syndrome. I have noticed my hair thinning lately but I’ve been on Plaquenil almost 5 years with no other adverse effects.

      1. Hi there, it was not that medication. I did however have one lady contact me who was on that medication and found that is had similar results to what happened to me. Best advice is to talk with your doctor. I also went and had my thyroid checked to make sure it wasn’t the reason behind some of my issues, and everything came back completely normally. The doctor stated it was all related to the medications. Good luck to you!

  14. Thanks for sharing these tips! When my 1st was born, I didn’t notice any difference in my hair. When my 2nd was born, I couldn’t believe how my hair changed. I lost so much hair it was actually frightening. Now I feel like my hair is just awful. Thin and dry. I am definitely going to try these tips.

  15. I have damaged hair from all the things I put it through and have been looking for ways to make it healthy again. I am so glad I found this post :)

  16. Hello. Thank you for sharing you story with us. I have been searching for quite some time to find very helpful information that you supplied. I have been fighting hair loss since my chemo drugs have taken a toll on my hair. I had beautiful hair and it was my security blanket, if that makes any sense? I had to cut my hair, it took months for me to admit that it must be cut, as my hair was worse than you first picture. I am def going to do this! Again, much thanks :)

  17. Picky question, so I apologize in advance, but is it actually 5,000 milligrams of the biotin that you’re taking? 5,000 grams seems super steep….

  18. Hi!
    I’ve also read that castor oil (cold pressed) topically applied in about the same amount as the Moroccan oil works as well if not better, at approx. 1/3 cost.
    Just throwing that out there….
    Thank you for the article. I’m not a mom…but I’m pretty sure I fit the necessary criteria to try this in every other respect!
    Kat ;)

  19. Good tips! But this is not news, I’m from Sweden and it’s actually common knowledge here that using silica and biotin for your hair will strengthen it. Maroccan oil too. Vitamin B and also massaging the scalp gently every day. To make the hair shiny and smooth soak lentle seeds in a glas of water over night and the drink the water.

  20. 5000 grams of biotin… Are you sure you were taking that much? That’s a whole lot of biotin… I thought it usually is measured in micrograms-is this what you meant?

  21. Currently I have super thin fine hair but luckily mine is no where near dry. In fact my hair is super oily so I can’t put anything involving moisturizing or oil near my hair. So any other suggestions on the shampoo and Moroccan oil?

    1. HI there! I’ve not had much experience with oily hair, but my best suggestion would be to look for a clarifying shampoo and then use a heat protectant oil verses the moisturizing oils. They provide the protection without making it look like you haven’t washed it. Hope that helps some, either way if you are able to take the supplements, they will help greatly!

  22. Using a botanically based hair care regime without mineral oil or SLS -which aids hair loss-is extremely beneficial also. Try Arbonne or look me up on FB; ArbonneDee.

  23. I don’t like taking over the counter vitamins because they’re not related. Being a breast feeding mother, I don’t like to put anything in my body that I don’t know how it will affect me and my daughter. I will say this though. I started using the Agadir Moroccan Argan Oil line about a year ago, and the change in my hair has been insane. With the exception of possibly going no-poo, I don’t think I’d ever switch.

  24. Hi I just read your story this is amazing I just ordered my Super Silica Complex vitamins yesterday & they just came in today. So excited to start taking them I was wondering if you continued to take the biotin & multivitamin along with the super silica complex vitamin? So 1 multivitamin, 1 biotin, & 3 super silica complex 1 with each meal?also where did u get the morracan oil?

    1. Hi there! I’m so glad you were able to find the Silica. I did take one of the Silica with each meal (breakfast,lunch and dinner) the others; biotin and multivitamin I took before going to bed. It was easier on my stomach. I looked online just by goggling the area I live in to find a salon that carried the oil. Overall, it wasn’t hard to find it. Good luck!

  25. At risk of sounding like an ad, I have to share a great option for trying argan oil on a tight budget. No Kidding Coupons ( http://goo.gl/TrRBWm – that’s my referral link) lets you earn points for 99% off coupons for Amazon products. They currently have multiple brands of argan oil in their selection. :)

  26. I am on a constant medication regimen and it has damaged my hair beyond repair, I am going to try your routine to see if it helps thank you for sharing.

  27. Thanks so much! I spent about 6 weeks in the hospital due to a surgical mistake while having my gall bladder removed (the surgeon cut my bile duct accidentally, which resulted in lots of procedures and tons of medications. I lost about 2/3 of my hair. Thankfully, I started out with a massive amount. I really appreciate your taking the time to share this valuable information!

  28. You are one very lovely good looking mum.
    I come on your story after looking for some crochet pattern but now I ha so much more.
    thank you so much for sharing your Hair story for all to read. I have multi Health issues which require many medications which have played havoc with drying out my hair and skin.
    I am going to try your hair remedy.
    Again thank you so much Jo Margaret from Down Under,
    yep I am in Australia.

  29. As I’ve gotten older (I’m nearly 49) I’ve noticed my hair getting thicker- the opposite from what friends my age are experiencing. The only thing I can attribute it to is the combination of taking vitamins and not washing it very often. Sounds nasty but I use the “no ‘poo” method and it makes my hair stay clean for a lot longer. I also sometimes use a rosemary infusion which makes my hair shinier.

    Bless you for going to Africa, Amanda!


  30. Where is the after picture where your hair looks thick? Are there only before pictures of your hair when it was stringy? All of them look pretty thin.

  31. Good post! I was having similar problems of breaking, damaged hair, which was weird because 1) I never have dyed it, 2) I don’t blow-dry/straighten and 3) don’t wash my hair more than 3x a week. 4) don’t use gel or other product

    Then I did research and started looking into WHAT was in my shampoo. Turns out, all the harsh chemicals in them was killing my hair! I made switches to more natural things and after 3 months, I have hair like I did as a kid! Soft, manageable and hardly any breakage!

  32. I’ve taken Biotin, that I purchase from my health food store, for several years and my hair grows about an inch a month. I have the Moroccan Oil shampoo and mouse but I use Coconut oil for conditioner. It’s awesome. I buy a big jar at Sam’s or Costco, it’s right there by the Canola Oil. It’s great for hair, dry skin, even your heels and elbows.

  33. I noticed after i hit 25 my beautifulc shiny locks were getting dry and crispy at the ends. So i did a lot of research and switched to a sulfate free shampoo system and heat protecting spray when I curl. I also try not to wash it more than three times a week even tho I have a naturally oily scalp. My hair is better than it was when I was a teenager! I’ll have to try that Moroccan oil :)

  34. After I had my second son I got very sick ended up in the hospital and lost a gallon size ziplock bag of hair. I was naturally devastated. I stopped blow drying and straightening my hair. I had it trimmed to take any dead ends off and started to take biotin regularly. My hairstylist suggested nioxin, the hair that I lost has grown back even thicker and has almost caught up with the hair that didn’t fall out. Thanks for a few more tips!

  35. Hi there!,

    I stumbled across this post from pinterest, and was so happy i did,.. until i read the comments. Would this work for someone who’s not a mom? I always had long, healthy thick hair, until 2010 when i lost my dad and went into depression. Ever since then i’ve tried everything to try and get my hair back, and it has helped a little, but i’ve never had such a huge improvement like this! I really want to try it, but I’m a little hesitant.

    Thanks, and I’m so happy for you and your hair!

    1. Yes it would. :) We just wrote the post for moms because that is our main audience here at Pint-sized Treasures! It works for almost ANYONE that wants healthy, beautiful hair!

  36. Taking the Biotin capsules has helped me so much. The ‘Not Your Mother’s’ brand of hair care products makes a shampoo and conditioner specifically to help hair grow quickly, with Biotin and Vitamin E. I was a bit skeptical at first, but my hair has grown much more quickly and improved in condition since I’ve been using it. So you might want to experiment with that.

  37. I am a Lung Cancer survivor 2 years, after I was done with six rounds of chemotherapy and 21 days of Radiation 2 times a day. I used Moroccan oil myself. It works great. It’s nice to just throw a wig on your head but having my own hair back again is heaven.

  38. I have always had fine hair with regular thickness I would say, but after gastric bypass in 2010 a large portion of it fell out and only part of it grew back after getting my supplements regulated. Now, nearly 4 years later I am losing chunks of hair again. I am 35 and take a multi vitamin, 10,000 mg of Biotin. I am going to try to add the silica you mentioned and I have the oil too. I am wondering if anyone has tried the keranique or any of the hair growing shampoos advertised on TV.

  39. Thanks for your post, this is really helping me! :)
    My big question though is,
    Can I take silica while nursing??
    (Please say yes)
    (J/k I want to know the truth)
    This is my second child and I am definitely losing easy more, TONS, of hair this time (bald spots are not a good look)
    Help! What can I do to help my hair even while I’m b-feeding?

  40. Hello,

    I love trying new methods on my hair. I also have noticed a major hair loss and thinness in my hair. I would like to know what brand/dosage silica complex you used?

    Thank you
    – Heidi :)

  41. I just wanted to say very helpful but just wanted to add Silk Works Professional Morrocan argan oil (brown bottle) is the best ive ever used! You can purchase online for usually around $9 and you with see the BEST results without even having to cut your hair!

  42. I shaved my whole head once, when the hair was just too, badly damaged. You could twist the ends of my hair and they would just break off. The only thing I did was take Viviscal. I shaved my head around the end of one summer and by that Winter’s time, my hair had grown to my shoulders blades. I have naturally curly hair that is thick and slow growing. That was also with inconsistent use =/ lol.

  43. I noticed that my hair isn’t nearly as full as it use to be but I never took the time to research EVERYTHING how to fix it. I chalked it up to chemical treatments & excessive heat. Over a year later my wavy texture is here to stay but the thickness still has not returned. I started taking biotin more recently and prenatal vitamins instead of a multivitamin. I’ll implement the other steps to see the outcome! I’m shocked that the 2 month pic says “no color added” that is quite impressive!

  44. Thank you so much for the tips! I damaged my hair when I visited the Mediterranean a few years ago, and the damage just keeps adding every time I travel. I have tried hair masks, deep conditioners, I no longer use curling irons, and have taken supplements, but I still have dry hair that breaks easily. I hope this works! Glad to have found you.

  45. I was blessed to get to go to Haiti two years ago, but have since had problems with my hair and continuously seen it thinning. This is the first post I have seen someone have something happen that is similar. I bought the vitamins and am going to try to see if it helps me. If anyone has any suggestions to how to help me further please let me know!

  46. Due to having Lupus I have to take Plaquenil daily and have noticed a lot of hair loss. I am going to give the vitamins a try.

  47. With both babies I started to loose hair drastically after about 6 months. I would like to counteract this with your regimen (which I already do save the Biotin and Silica) but curious if anyone knows if OK to take while still breastfeeding? Biotin is naturally occurring in food so should be OK, but not sure about Silica. I’m a little nervous about Silica, so do you think would work as well with just taking Biotin? Thank you for sharing this!

  48. I am so excited after trying the shampoo and a similar blow dryer ( Solia ceramic ionic hair dryer from Marshall’s) only one time there is a huge difference. I also used it on my 2 daughters, ages 10 and 11, and there is no frizz! Just super shiny and silky! I will continue to do this and I also ordered the biotin, silica complex and Moroccan oil. If only the 2 made such a difference I can’t wait to see after using it all. Thank you so much!!

  49. So glad I found this via Pinterest! I take medicine for my thyroids, but in a year’s time (very gradually) my hair got extremely thin and was falling out. I talked to my doctor and he re-checked my thyroids, and they were out of whack! He had to up my dosage of my thyroid medicine. But, it affected the back/lower portion of my scalp worse, so I just went and had it cut into an angeled bob style to get rid of the bad part and now I’m going to use your tips to get it back healthy again! Thank you!

  50. hello, after reading your blog.. made me happier, because i’ve always wanted to regrow my thinning hair. i mean, it’s too thin that i would have to pull it up in ponytail instead of letting it down. i decided to purchase the hair dryer & vitamins which you were taking. but i have a question- would i grow NEW hair? or just that hair gets thicker and thats it? also, does biotin and silica complex cause acnes on you?

    thank YOU for posting that blog. would help a lot of women/mommies out there.

  51. Pingback: Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks For Moms » Pint-sized Treasures

  52. Did she stop taking the medication for her trip to africa? Perhaps her hair just returned to to its normal state… And she wasted all her money???

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