Fun With Cardboard! 7 Fun Crafts for Kids Using Boxes

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After the holidays or birthday parties, you can normally find tins of cardboard just sitting around. It may look like trash to some moms, but in reality there are loads of crafts and toys just waiting to be made in that huge pile of boxes!

Need some inspiration for adorable crafts and fun toys to keep your munchkins occupied for days? Try thesecrafts and toys out and see if you don’t come running back to say “Thank-you!”.

  • Lego Men. What kid doesn’t like legos? My sons and daughters both love to pull out legos and they will build and build for hours! Sometimes they hide their creations so no one will take them apart. It is one of my goals to take them to the legendary Lego museum one day, but until then, we will just make this craft. Simple paint extremely large gift boxes in primary colors to match the colors you have on your legos at home. After the paint has dried thoroughly, make holes in the boxes for the head, arms and legs. These make fun costumes for dress-up or other occasions!
  • Cardboard lap top. This is a simple yet fun craft to do! All you need is some card board, a black permanent marker and white computer paper. Grab three sheets of cardboard, one for the bottom and two for the top of the computer. Connect two sheets together with strong tape to create the body of the laptop. Then, add another sheet, the same size as the top piece, to the top sheet for the screen. Keep the sides open so you can slide different screens in. Position the screen in the open position and secure again with tape to ensure the screen stands up. Write a special message on the first piece of computer paper to welcome your little one. Then keep a stack of computer paper nearby for him to change his screens when he desires. Also, leave crayons and colored pencils for him to embellish his screen. Draw keys on the bottom piece to create a keyboard. Use a black permanent market. Now, let’s play computer time!
  • Marble run toy. Do your kids love to play with marbles? Here’s a craft just for them! Cut off the front of a medium sized gift box box, but leave the back and sides. Put a hole in the top of the box for the marble to drop through. With the leftover cardboard, make paths for the marble to fall through by lining them up maze-like. Glue or secure with tape. Create a hole at the end of each line so the marble can drop through. This is not a craft for toddlers, as marbles can be a choking hazard.
  • Robot Use creativity with this one. Use any size cardboard box for the body, and use other items around the house for the head, legs and antenna. Suggestions are: yogurt cup for head and toilet paper rolls for arms and legs. Googly eyes are perfect for this craft. Decorate the belly with lots of shapes, circles, squares etc. Find these shaped items around the house, like bottle tops and such. Let your munchkins lead in this one as no embellishment or creation can go wrong!
  • Playhouse. The options are endless. Cut a medium-large gift box so it resembles a house. Simply turn it over and cut windows and doors out of the box. Add color and decoration. This will turn out to be a favorite play area, reading area and storage place for toys.
  • Shape sorter. Turn a cardboard box over and draw circles, squares, cylinders and triangles on the box. These can be a variety of different sizes. Outline each shape with paint to embellish the box. Let paint dry. Then, grab some balls and toys and let your little one begin sorting!
  • Play kitchen.Choose two large boxes and paint them with your favorite spray paint. Let them air dry completely. Then, make an oven door in the front of one of the boxes. Cut out the rectangle for the oven door, but leave the bottom for opening and closing. Use other cardboard left overs to create some medium circles for stove eyes and smaller ones for the stove control buttons. Create a sink on the other side of the kitchen by cutting a hole slightly smaller than a silver bowl that you will let the kids use for the sink. This will keep the bowl from falling through. Cut out a couple of doors out of the box for the pantry. This will work well on the opposite side of the oven. Cut out some handles and attach with strong tape. For the sink faucet, make candy-cane shaped pieces of cardboard, paint them silver and attach to a rectangular, cardboard base. Make shelves inside the pantry doors by taping or gluing extra cardboard rectangular pieces. You can throw in some shelf liners for an extra touch!

Any ideas for fun crafts with cardboard? Share them below!

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