Genius Toy Clean-up Hack Kids Can Do!

This Toy Clean-up Hack (Or Tip!) Came from a Kid!

Some cleaning hacks are very helpful.

Others are kind of “Yeah…maybe that helps a little.”

young boy playing with toys before he uses the toy clean up hack

And then, you have those GENIUS hacks that really make a BIG difference in your home!

And sometimes the genius ideas comes from kidsreally!

Well, moms, this is one of those crazy, genius hacks — and you know what?

My adorable, lovable munchkin came up with it!

You can all send your thank you emails to him! :)

(Even Buzz Feed featured his hack….it’s #15 on the list!)

I bribed him with gummy worms to pose for all the pictures — hope you enjoy!

In our home we have a few toy rules.

One is no toys are allowed in mommy’s room or living areas.

Another rule is that toys have to stay in the kid’s rooms or the family closet.

Small toys that can fit in your pocket are allowed in other areas, but you can’t dump your toys all over the house!

However, my youngest son came into my room one day and wanted to play with his toys.

I gently reminded him of the “no toys in mom’s room” rule and he smiled and said, “But I have a pillowcase!”

“Really?” I asked. “What’s that for?”

Here’s the Toy Clean Up Hack Idea:

He smiled and replied, “I can play with my toys and then put them all back in this pillowcase and I won’t make your room messy!”

He was so cute, and the idea was complete genius.

Hmmm…why didn’t I think of that?!

Sure, if he has a pillowcase he can play in my room. It’s hard to say no to those brown eyes.

If I am cooking in the kitchen, sometimes I hear a “ker-plunk, ker-plunk” coming down the stairs.

One glance at the stairs and I know it’s my son bringing down his pillowcase of toys.

I just give him a grin and keep cooking.

I know that he has a limited amount of toys in his pillowcase and he will clean them back up when playtime is over.

No stressing about the mess!

It’s really a super-easy clean-up hack that we have both come to love!

We also have a toy rule that no toys are to be left outside.

Why did we make that toy clean-up rule?

Too many toys were getting rained on or chewed up by the dog.


But, when the kids have one pillowcase with a few toys, and then quickly throw them back in the pillowcase, it’s a fast and easy clean-up that the kids don’t mind doing.

What Do Kids Do with the Pillowcase After They Clean Up Toys?

For us, it’s simple.

We have one toy box for all six kids — one.

They dump their pillowcases back in the toy box and…ta-da!

All toys are picked up and put away!

Should You Set a Limit for the Number of Toys?


I normally stick with five or seven.

Just depends on the size of the toys etc.

What’s the Simple Toy Hack Directions?


Next time your child wants to take toys out of their bedroom or toy room, hand them a pillowcase.

Tell them to put a specified number of toys in the pillowcase and they can play in almost any area of the house.

When they are done playing, they must put all the toys back in the pillowcase and then return the toys to the toy box.

Pretty simple, huh?

Plus, your kids will love this new toy clean-up hack!

Don’t you love the hacks that moms and kids both love?!

Everyone wins!

Enjoy your non-toy-cluttered house and let your kids enjoy their toys!

How do you keep toy messes under control at your house?

I would love to hear your toy hacks!


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