18 Good Character Traits For Teen Boys

Good character is a thing of the past, but I want it to be my son’s present and future. Here are 18 Character traits I want him to learn, love, and breathe!

Sixteen years ago a wrinkled newborn was placed in my arms after crazy-long hours of labor.

It was in that moment, I knew this little guy needed me.

He needed me to guide him, teach him, protect him, provide for him and most of all, love him.

And my son today, even though he’s a teen, still needs these things and more.

I read this article just today about what every teen needs from his mom.

It’s short reminders that our teen sons still need us.

Love reading those short, super-quick reminders sometimes don’t you?

good character traits for teen sons

To say I was unprepared for motherhood would be an understatement.

But God…

Day after day, month after month, I begged God for wisdom to guide this tiny being that would one day grow up to be a man.

This little baby would one day lead his own family in crucial decisions, financial planning and spiritual guidance.

Somehow, I needed to prepare him for the real world.

And the real world needs men with good character traits.

Families, churches and businesses need men who are faithful, hard-working, kind, dependable, honest, trust-worthy, godly and diligent.

And for my teen son, and even my youngest son, this is my heart’s desire.

My sons don’t need to be rich, famous or super-athletic to be considered successful in my eyes.

But rather, they need to be Christian men who are held in high esteem because of their good character.

Where do you start when teaching Teen Boys good character traits?

You start here and now.

You pray for wisdom, guidance and wheel-barrels full of patience. <3

And you focus on teaching good character.

We have also published an article about manners that have disappeared in modern kids.

It’s definitely worth the read if you’re passionate about character development in your children!

Every parent needs to teach their teen son these good character traits!

When teaching good character traits to your teen sons, keeping it super simple is your best bet!

Boys don’t particularly enjoy a drawn-out, emotional, dramatic appeal to develop good character traits.

Instead, they respond better to a practical, bullet point list.

For that reason, we’re giving you just that so you can share these admirable character traits with your son too!

18 Good Character Traits I Want My Son to Have

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #1: Always be willing to lend a hand.

Don’t sit around and watch others do the work.

Pick up a broom, take out the trash, help someone cross the street, or roll up your sleeves and pull some weeds.

Whatever needs to get done, help and do it!

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #2: Be punctual.

Being consistently tardy for appointments, get-togethers, or even ceremonies is plain rude.

We know that crazy obstacles may happen, but if you’re consistently late, there are issues with your planning or time management.

Make punctuality a priority so you’re not wasting other people’s valuable time!

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #3: Always leave early enough to change a flat tire.

Following the punctuality focus, make sure you leave early enough for an appointment that if something does happen, you’re able to still make it on time.

Traffic jams, flat tires, bad weather — it all happens.

Prepare for it!

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #4: Be proud of one thing — you’re a child of the King!

Don’t let others intimidate you into feeling ashamed or embarrassed that you’re a Christian.

You God is the creator of the universe and one day every knee will bow to him and confess that he is God!

And yes, being a Christian means you will be different and there will be things that you cannot do.

But, being a Christian also means you have joy, everlasting life and a relationship with the one true God.

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #5: Be thankful

In every single situation, you can find something to be thankful for.

Don’t be a grumbler, but always find the good!

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #6: Be a secret keeper.

Be the man that someone can confide in.

Don’t share people’s struggles with others unless you have permission from the individual.

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #7: Don’t brag on yourself.

It starts early.

Little boys brag on how fast they can run or how many mathccars they have.

Teen boys brag on how tall they are or how awesome they’re at in sports.

Men brag on how much money they make, how smart they are and so on.

Don’t be that guy that can’t get enough of himself.

Let others praise you and keep your mouth closed.

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #8: Be knowledgeable about life skills.

Learn how to cook basic meals, change the oil in your car, change tires, manage finances, use a First Aid kit and even swim.

Don’t know where to start?

Ask someone to teach you or start studying online. There are so many resources available!

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #9: Return borrowed items.

If someone is kind enough to lend you anything, always return the item promptly.

But don’t just return it, return it better than you found it!.

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #10: Whatever you do, be passionate.

Whether you’re doing schoolwork, washing dishes, playing sports or cleaning your bedroom — don’t be apathetic about it!

Find joy in those everyday tasks and events and give them your best!

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #11: Take care of your appearance.

People like to repeat the phrase, “God looks on the heart.”

While that’s completely true, people can’t see your heart.

Instead, they see your outside.

Make sure your clothes are clean, neat, and not wrinkled.

Keep your hair neat, your face clean, and definitely make sure you don’t have yucky, body odor going on!

People can see and smell you!

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #12: Reach out to the “new” people or outcasts.

Sometimes groups of people get comfortable with each other and a new person is automatically an outcast.

Don’t get too comfy that you’re unwilling ot reach out to new people and welcome them to any group you’re in!

Be there to smile, extend your hand and spend time getting to know that new person.

One day, you may be the new guy!

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #13: Avoid sending angry emails or engaging in Facebook drama.

It happens to all of us.

We get angry or hurt and write a long, lengthy email to someone with scathing words, criticism and exaggerations.

If you need to write an email like that, then write it — but never send it.

Just delete it.

And those Facebook threads that are full of drama about hot topic issues?

Stay away from those.

They mostly hurt instead of help.

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #14: Stay sexually pure.

Involving yourself in any type of sexual intimacy before marriage will only bring you regret.

That’s exactly why we have the no kissing before marriage rule.

That rule keeps you safe so you don’t get too close to the intimacy edge.

When you get too close to the edge, you more often than not, trip and fall.

And after you’re married?

Stay faithful to only your spouse.

No pornography, no flirting with other women and absolutely establish these boundaries in your marriage.

Keep those vows in which you said, “Forsaking all others…”

If you stay faithful, you and your spouse will enjoy a rare marriage that few people get to experience.

One that’s free from baggage and regret.

That’s a beautiful thing!

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #15: Be teachable.

Always have a teachable spirit and be willing to learn.

There’s always new ideas, methods and information to learn.

No human being knows it all —including you!

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #16: Write down your goals.

Choose important goals for your life.

Take time to write them down and keep them posted where you’ll see them daily.

Then, decide how you’re going to reach those goals!

Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #17: Don’t buy what you can’t afford.

You would think this was common sense, but sadly, it’s not.

If you want the shiny, brand-new, fiery red, pick-up truck but only have $467 in your bank account, don’t buy it.

You can’t afford it and if you try to afford it, you’ll reap mountains of stress from long-standing interest rates and debts.

Purchase what you can, and if you have additional needs, save up!

When you’re finally able to purchase a new item without going into debt, you’ll enjoy your new possession without any guilt!

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Good Character Traits for Teen Boys #18: Be willing to sacrifice for others.

Sometimes you need to sacrifice for others so they can move forward.

That’s an awe-worthy character trait!

If someone is cold, offer your coat.

If someone needs to leave work early, offer to cover for that person.

If someone is having a finically hard time, secretly pay for a power bill or buy them a week’s worth of groceries.

Sacrificing for others brings true joy and shows the world that the love of Christ is realign your life.

May we all strive to raise young men who possess good character traits.

May our little boys grow up into godly men that make a difference in this world!

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