Can Moms Create Cranky Babies?

Can moms create cranky babies? We’ve chatted before about cranky toddlers, but babies? Since you asked, I’ll give you my humble opinion — which almost everything online is that — opinion. But, I’ll give it to you at the end of the article because I’m just that mean…;0)

moms create cranky babies

If you’re constantly serenaded by demanding (not painful) cries — we’re talking morning, noon and night — I can totally relate. You see, I had a cranky baby. In fact, I’d love to share with you how I created a cranky baby — but learned from my mistakes.

Before I realized that my mothering style was costing me sleepless nights, unpredictable days, stressful shopping trips and dark circles under my eyes, I wondered if the “cranky baby” stage would ever end. I assumed all babies were cranky like mine.

I was very young when I had my first child and ill-prepared for motherhood. I thought I was doing everything right when I would jump the tallest building to come to the rescue of the tiniest whimper of my beautiful, bundle of joy.

Maybe your baby is cranky, but mine surely seem to top the crankiest of them!

He cried in the morning. He cried in the day. He cried at night. In fact, it is hard for me to recall times he wasn’t crying. Ok, now I remember.


He wasn’t crying when he was snoozing or eating.

Yep. That’s about it.

moms crete cranky babies

Now, I do know that there are babies with health, and colic issues. I’m not talking about those painful screams that are coming from a baby who cannot communicate pain and discomfort in words. I have seen close friends struggle in that area until they were able to find the correct infant formula, gas drops or natural remedies to cure the pain. And if you’re in that situation, my heart goes out to you!

But, once infants have passed the “colic” zone of three or four months and are habitually discontent, it may help to re-evalute your mothering style. In fact, it may change your mothering style for good — at least it did mine!

Ask yourself these “cranky baby” questions — and if you’re really wanting some help with your cranky baby, you need to be honest. Really. I’m finding that honesty among moms is rare these days. But, let’s make a new trend and start today with being honest with ourselves!

Anyway, back to the cranky baby test!

Cranky Baby Test

  • Is your baby demanding?
  • Does he wake up every single night — sometimes multiple times? (excluding babies under three months of age)
  • Are you unable to take him on outings because of his behavior?
  • Have people labeled your baby “the screaming baby”?
  • Is your baby crying if he is not in a snugli, being held, being rocked or eating?

If your honest answers to most of these questions is yes, you may have a cranky baby on your hands.

Ok, so your baby won the title of “cranky baby.” Now what?

So glad you asked!

One simple word may help you mold a happier baby — almost immediately!

Ready for the word?

It’s routine.

Yep. That one word totally changed my mothering style and helped me create five more happy babies — it worked with all six of my babies, and it can work for yours too!

Now routines are not for careless, unintentional people. No, to begin a routine you have to be consistent and dedicated.

Not sure where to start?

I’ve got an amazing resource for you that’s waaaaay more in depth than any blog post would be! It as sample routines for babies ages six weeks to five years old. It has loads of printables to keep you on track and it’s written by two, amazing, well-experienced moms.


I’ve read it. Loved it. And I really, really wish someone had given me this book 14 years ago when sleep was only a distant memory.

What’s inside the eBook?

16 chapters of easy to implement routines, rhythms and schedules from birth through school-aged kids to help you streamline day-to-day life with kids. In chapter one you’ll get sample schedules for all ages listed above. In chapter two you’ll get tips for managing the day with multiple children, tips for keeping kids busy and printables. Chapter three includes 20 printable routines, rhythms and schedules so you can easily start applying what you’ve learned!

Oh, and to the answer the question: can moms create cranky babies? My opinion is yes. What’s yours? Let’s chat about it on Facebook!

*Affiliate links have been added to help you create a routine for your child!

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7 thoughts on “Can Moms Create Cranky Babies?”

  1. The first few months of our 3rd baby’s life was full of screaming. My older sister encouraged me to read the Baby Wise book, which offers the same helpful suggestions you have on the post. Our baby boy turns 1 on the 11th of May. He has earned the nickname “big ol’Momma’s boy”(we live in the South:-) Any helpful advice on how to encourage him not to be so clingy and only want me? He doesn’t even want Daddy. Please don’t be afraid to be brutally honest, I need some help!!

    1. Dear Sarah,
      Thank you so much for visiting and commenting!
      Yes, I know what you are going through! My first son was exactly like that and I did not follow the above suggestions. Instead, I followed, never let the baby cry methods:)
      My son was quite clingy and would scream, cry and throw fits if I left him with a baby-sitter or family member.. It was the worse around 2-3 years old. As far as everyday clinginess, I noticed that he was more clingy if I had not spent a lot of time with him. Sometimes it helps just to put down the Swiffer or stop folding laundry and pull him up into your lap and talk and cuddle. Take him outside for some extra play time. Normally after about 30 minutes or an hour of mommy/baby time he was much better and I could get a lot of things accomplished.
      If he is screaming and throwing fits when you leave him with a sitter, the only thing that has worked for me is punishing them for their behavior. That was hard for me to do because I always felt guilty for leaving them, but sometimes I had to, like an OBGYN appointment:) After consistently disciplining my son for these outbursts of clingy, anger, things improved. I would also use a reward system. My youngest child now, does pretty well when I leave him. I give him a job to do while I leave, like opening the door for me and I give him a kiss and hug. He LOVES opening the door for me and is very upset if anyone else does it. I never sit down and reward my kids for tantrums from separation anxiety, but they get lots of hugs and kisses throughout the day–everyday. My husband is great with dealing with these tantrums for me if we are heading out on a date. He will send me outside, then deal with the toddler. But, now we don’t have to deal with it very much, since he has discovered he loves to open the door for me!
      So, for everyday clinginess, first check and reevaluate your day. Have you been busy with other things and have been neglecting him? If so, stop and spend some time with him. If he is throwing fits and you have spent lots of time with him, then discipline him for his negative attitude. Do not reward him with time with mommy until his attitude changes. Consistency is key! Sometimes kids are extra clingy when they are sick, so that has to be ruled out before you discipline them. I hope this helps, Sarah and always feel free to ask any questions! I love to help if I can:)

  2. Oops. Forgot to mention the Baby Wise advice realty helped improved baby’s happiness and sleep schedule. Hang in there Mommies! Like my Mom always tells me, “it won’t be like this forever.”

  3. Thank you for your response. Being Saturday yesterday, baby boy and Mommy had more time to spend together and his disposition was cheerier. I did have to correct several fits which made him hug Mommy even closer(the Lord’s way is always right!). My girls even seemed to enjoy him more as well. As Proverbs repeatedly tells us, it’s all about balance. Too much or too little is displeasing to Him, and how I struggle to maintain that balance. The kids’ song “He’s Still Workin On Me” comes to my mind quite often :-) Thank you again for taking time to respond

  4. You’re very welcome Sarah! Sounds like you are on the right path in the parenting journey! you are right, the Lord is always right:0) “Let God be true and every man a liar”–this applies to parenting as well! Keep up the good work and keep in touch!

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