How to Make Baby’s Nursery the Sweetest Place on Earth

There’s something precious about a baby’s nursery, isn’t there? Today we’re chatting about how to make your baby’s nursery the sweetest place on earth — and I think you’ll love these ideas!

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During the first year of a baby’s life many moments are spent in the nursery. Rocking the baby, changing diapers and switching outfits all typically happen in this room. Why not make it unforgettable?

As your children grow older you realize that the days of a child in a nursery are few, but incredibly unique and precious. It’s in that nursery where a parent is reminded time and time again of the miracle of life. It’s in that special room where parents count the ten tiny toes and kiss the top of their baby’s head for the fortieth time that day.

how to make babies nursery the sweetest place on earth

Enjoy embracing and savoring those moments with these adorable ideas that will make your baby’s nursery inviting and serene.

How to Make Baby’s Nursery the Sweetest Place on Earth

  • Keep soft music playing in the room. Set the mood with calm and soothing music you can play anytime you and your little one are spending time in this special room.
  • Choose a calming color scheme. Save the vibrant, loud colors for the tween years and focus on soft hues during the tender, formative years of an infant. The colors will help parent and baby stay calm — even during those sleepless nights!
  • Decorate the walls. Barren walls give almost a cold, uncaring impression. Instead, choose specialty, quality prints and items that are personalized just for your baby. A new favorite place I found is Why do I love their nursery decor? Because they put so much detail and care into each product.
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    No more worries about broken picture frames or mess-ups on images. They work with individual artists to create the perfect masterpiece for their customers. They encourage and reward creativity — and enable parents to create the most gorgeous, happiest nurseries ever. Not only do you get to choose from wonderful designed prints, but you get to choose your customized wood frames. I had no idea there were so many wooden frames! You really should just head over there and see of yourself. Oh, and because I love my readers so much I asked them to offer you a $250 giveaway! So one of you will receive a $250 credit to this amazing store. You’re so welcome! Mmmmwha!

  • Snag a good rocking chair. Every parent needs to sit, relax and just rock their baby once in a while. Make your rocking adventures inviting with a super-soft, well-made rocking chair that will last for generations.
  • Have a diaper changing station. Your head will be spinning if you have to run to the bathroom for cotton balls, the diaper bag for wipes and the closet for additional onesies. Instead, keep all your diaper changing necessities all in one place. the easiest way to do that is to choose a changing table that has lots of storage areas like this one!
  • Keep a notebook handy. When you want to remember those “firsts”, you won’t have to go searching through the house to jot it down. Check out this Eat, Sleep, Poop notebook that you can use for almost anything!
  • Keep a small, air mattress in the room. There may be days or nights when your baby is sick and you don’t want to leave the room or wake the other parent. Many moms find they’re more at ease if they just bunk in the same room with the baby until the worst of the sickness is past. Be prepared with a one-person, self-inflating, air mattress that you can keep tucked in the nursery closet for such an event.

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