How Kids with Allergies Can Have Outdoor Fun

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how ids with allergies can have outdoor fun

Itchy, watery eyes and lots of sneezes can make outdoor fun almost impossible. Kids with allergies want to have outdoor fun, but don’t want the yucky effects of allergies. What’s a mom to do?

How about a toolkit?

I love to see my kids run, jump and play for hours. But I definitely need to be educated about the possible allergy triggers and allergy help available for my kids. That’s why I’m super excited about the Smart Allergy MomTM Toolkit, brought to you from the makers of Children’s Claritin®. Ooh! And you’ll want to grab an awesome $3 off coupon over there — because you’re a budget-savvy mom like me!

kids with allergies and outdoor fun

What do you find in this toolkit?

  • Lots of tools to help moms understand and manage allergies in kids — including an allergy forecaster to track the pollen count. Since our family travels a bunch, I love this option! If there’s too much pollen out, I’ll choose an inside activity until the pollen level is lower.
  • Sections for allergy education. These sections provide information to help you understand some differences between allergies or a cold. Sometimes I have a tough time telling the difference!
  • Examples of questions you need to ask your child’s pediatrician. My mom taught me to write concerns and questions down before I meet with a doctor. It’s so easy to forget important details when you only have a minute to chat with a professional. This Smart Allergy MomTM Toolkit helps moms know which questions to ask so they can get the best help possible. I love that!

Can kids with allergies still have outdoor fun? We’re going to focus on helping kids with allergies have FUN outdoors. Let’s jump in!

kids with allergies and outdoor fun

How Kids With Allergies Can Have Outdoor Fun

  • Start scanning! As soon as I arrive at an outdoor play area, I try to scan the area for safety issues. I look for broken swings, dangerous slides, nests of bees or even small ponds. If a child has allergies, I definitely need to look for allergy triggers! Certain grass, trees or flowers can trigger allergic responses. I encourage my child to stay away from those areas or we choose to leave and scout out another outdoor play area that is allergy friendly.
  • Keep the play bag packed. In case I miss an allergy trigger, I can be sure I’ve got some helps in our play bag. Allergy medication, tissues, cough drops, and eye drops all help relieve symptoms.
  • Use A Pollen Tracker Tool. I love the Pollen Count tool in the Smart Allergy MomTM Toolkit! No more wondering about pollen counts! It helps us plan our fun outdoor days on more  low pollen days!
  • Choose less windy days. We love the wind, but the wind doesn’t love allergies! The wind can swirl the pollen around and create a not-so-happy-very-bad-day for kids with allergies. On windy days, we stay inside!
  • kids with allergies and outdoor fun

    I’m so thankful there’s a toolkit that educates and helps parents. I need as many toolkits for my mom journey as I can get!

    Ooh, and in case you’re not familiar with Children’s Claritin® — here are some fun facts!

    • The #1 Pediatrician Recommended Non-Drowsy Oral Allergy Brand for kids ages 2+
      provides non-drowsy relief that lasts all day.
    • 24-hour relief of runny nose, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, and itchy nose or throat
      available in:
      Chewable: Grape and Bubble Gum,
      Syrup: Grape
    • Kid-approved great taste

    Claritin® also offers RediTabs for kids 6+ (orally dissolvable tablets that melt in your mouth)

    I’m a HUGE fan of tablets that dissolve. Makes medicine time easier for moms and kids!

    Thanks again to Children’s Claritin® for letting me chat about how kids with allergies can have outdoor fun. Here’s to a fun spring and summer!

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