Why Our Kids Need to See Radical Christian Moms

Our kids need to see radical Christian moms.

They need you to be one.

They need me to be one.

why our kids need to see radical christian moms

Do you struggle with whether you should live the radical Christian mom life?

Do you wonder if you’re taking the Christian faith too far?

Do you wonder if you’re putting too many “rules” on your kids?

Do you wonder if you’re missing out on an “exciting” life?

Let’s think for a few moments…

kids need to see radical christian moms

How many lives do you have to live on this planet we call earth?

How many lives do your kids get to live?

You get one.

I get one.

Our kids get one.

And how long is that life?

No one knows for sure.

It could be a few seconds.

It could be 103 years.

But there’s one thing that’s an absolute surety.

An eternity is awaiting.

And how long does eternity last?


And ever…

And ever…

We all are given one very short “term” called life.

Yet, if we’re not careful, we’ll live as if the life we live NOW is the eternal one.

That’s where the need for radical Christian moms comes in.

What do radical Christian moms look like?

Let me try to paint a picture for you.

Radical Christian moms try to get their kids to look up to the Creator. They constantly talk about what happens after this life — and who is the Giver of life.

Radical Christian moms raise, love and teach their children to prepare for eternity.

They not only teach their children to prepare for eternity, but they themselves live as if every single day could affect their eternity and someone else’s.

So they do some strange things…

They pass on binging for eight hours on Netflix movies…

Totally not the norm.

They pass on teaching their kids that making hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions per year is what equals success.

Whoa…are they crazy?

They make sure they invest time into reading, studying and memorizing God’s word.

They take time away from work, pleasure and relationships so they can invest in fellowshipping with their Creator through daily prayer.

Why do Our Kids Need to See Radical Christian Moms?

Because they need someone to be the leader.

They need someone’s footsteps to follow.

They need to see someone who is seemingly extreme in her love for Christ.

They need someone to come beside them and whisper, “Yes, games are fun, but what have we done for God today?”

They need someone to remind them that we need to constantly be laying up treasures in heaven.

They need someone to remind them that they have family members, neighbors and friends who don’t understand the gospel of Jesus Christ, and someone needs to tell those people the truth.

They need radical Christian moms who live like heaven and hell are eternal and very real places.

They need to see radical moms who risk relationships with friends or family members in order for them to hear the truth of Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection. They see those moms take this scary and painful risk so that the people they love can know freedom from sin, death and hell.

They need to see Christian moms who sob uncontrollably about their family’s decision to turn away from Jesus and trust in good works to gain entrance into heaven.

They need to see radical Christian moms who choose to take her children to church even when neighbors are sleeping in and enjoying a lazy Sunday.

Sounds too radical? Too zealous?

But kids need to see even more radical Christianity lived out through through their moms. (Both parents need to live radical Christian lives, but I write to moms and for moms…just in case you’re wondering why I keep referring to moms..<3)

Our kids need to see radical Christian moms who give to the needy even when those same Christian moms have needs themselves.

They need to see radical Christian moms who stick to their beliefs even when other adults pull away from her for that very reason.

They need to see radical Christian moms who continually love, forgive and smile when others are hateful, mean and critical.

They need to see radical Christian moms who sacrifice sleep, time and money in order to care for others.

They need to see radical Christian moms who refuse to envy other moms who seem to “have it all.”

They need to see radical Christian moms who are more concerned about tweaking their own attitudes and personal struggles more than focusing on other people’s faults and failures.

They need to see radical Christian moms who leave their comfort zones in order to help others.

They need to see radical Christian moms who choose to respect and follow their husband’s leadership — even when he messes up.

They need to see radical Christian moms who are careful about their words. They focus on making their speech wholesome, kind, pure and encouraging.

Becoming a radical Christian mom is not an easy task to undertake.

In fact, no mom can do it alone.

A woman can only become a radical Christian mom through God’s strength and power.

So what’s the big deal if I don’t live a radical Christian mom life?

There are possible, dangerous consequences for your child.

Seeing a mom live an apathetic, sometimes interested, half-devoted Christian mom could result in your child developing a “laissez-faire” attitude about the journey of life.

That’s an extremely damaging view of life.

Choosing to follow a “whatever will be” life philosophy creates a breeding ground for untruths and destructive lies.

Untruths left unchallenged tear families apart — for eternity.

Your child has a desperate need for a radical christian mom or dad.

Your child needs someone to be radical, dedicated, devoted and zealous.

h3>Most likely, your child will choose to be radical about some passion or cause.

Want your child to be a radical gamer?

How about a radical foodie?

What about a radical Youtuber?

Hmmm….radical skateboarder?

Why not live a life that will spark a passion deep inside your child’s heart to live for God?

Why not live in a way that reflects the life hereafter is truly the one worth investing their love, talents and desires into?

There’s only one way to do that.

And that’s becoming a radical Christian mom.

Do lack desire to become a radical Christian mom?

There may be a very sobering reason for that.

You may not totally “get” what being a Christian mom truly is.

Being a Christian is not adhering to a certain religion’s doctrinal beliefs.

Being a Christian is not simply believing that Jesus existed and he was a good man that died on a cross for people’s sins.

Being a Christian is not attending church, being baptized and attending confirmation classes.

If you’re confused by those three sentences, then please take time to read this post that explains what a true, Christian mom is. That’s your starting point.

And if you still are confused or have questions, please contact me.

I’m more than thrilled to answer your questions.

Learn the truth about eternity, Jesus Christ and your relationship with God here.

May we all be the radical Christian mom our kids need.

Go on dear mom, be radical! <3 <3

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