You Might Be a Bad Playdate Guest If…

Bad playdate guests are real. So incredibly real. In fact they’re becoming more of the norm. So much so that families seem to be closing their homes to guests with kids. Why? Because of the fear of a bad playdate guest.

Are you a bad playdate guest? Find out!

Let’s be honest. It’s extremely rude to just angrily blast your guests with a “You are being rude, selfish and I don’t want you to evercome back to my house!”

Most of us just force a smile, wave and quietly return to our home with a sigh as we brave the wreckage that was left behind.

Maybe you’re a bad playdate guest but no one has ever let you in on that little secret. Take an honest look at this list and double check your and your child’s behavior when you’re a guest at a playdate. Maybe you don’t take it to the extremes listed below, but if you start leaning that way, definitely try to change things up a little before you become an infamous bad plate date guest!

Are you a bad playdate guest? Find out!

You Might be a Bad Playdate Guest If…

  • You come an hour late to the playdate. Life gets busy and chaotic with young kids, but an hour is a little crazy to be late to a playdate — but it’s a recurring habit for some moms! If you’re going to be more than 15 minutes late, take a few seconds and give the host a call or send a text!
  • You let your kids pull out every single toy in the house. Closets, bookshelves, beds — your kids are known to dig into these and pull every single stuffed teddy, rubber duck and racecar out. The house begins to resemble a landfill by the time you and your kids ready yourselves to leave. Yeah — this is kind of my pet peeve at playdates!
  • You leave dirty diapers for your host to pick up. If you’re at a playdate, the host mom completely understands about soiled diapers. Under normal circumstances she will not be grossed out if you toss the diaper in the trash can or her diaper pail. It’s a waaaaay better option than leaving the soiled diaper on the coffee table, living room couch or floor. Yes, this actually happens. Trust me.
  • You and your kids complain about the food. You prefer whole wheat bread instead of wheat, and you don’t care if your host nows it or not. Or, perhaps you prefer sandwiches over chicken nuggets or pizza. Either way, you always find a way to complain about the food being severe by your host — and your kids take their cue and do the same.
  • You never thank the host for the food or invitation. It takes time to prepare a house for a playdate. It also takes extra funds and planning to get a kid and mom-friendly menu ready for the play-date. Add a fun craft and it’s even more time and budget consuming. Though most playdate hosts don’t live for a “thank you” it’s still just simple courtesy to thank the host for the time, thought and money invested in your playdate! Plus, it’s a great opportunity to teach your kids to say “thank you!”
  • You ignore the host’s house rules. Your host has a no shoe policy in the house and you totally ignore it. Your host has a no food outbid of the kitchen rule and you ignore it. Your host has a “three toy rule” outside of the kid or toy room rule and you ignore that too. No running in the house? Ah, that’s just a suggestion! If you constantly ignore a hostess’s house rules, you will be considered a bad playdate get for sure!
  • Got any more bad playdate guest ideas? Are you guilty of any of these bad playdate guest habits? Let’s chat about it on Facebook!

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