Paper Bag Crafts Kids Love

Paper bags…they’re not just for bagging lunch!

Crafters discovered years ago how a paper bag can come to life and make a little child giggle, laugh and grin!

Paper bag crafts (like these paper bag scarecrows) are a huge hit with the kids!

They’re simple, super-cute and seem to get more fun during the crafting process! <3

Paper Bag Crafts Kids Love

Ready to begin a crafting adventure with your students or child?

Pick two or three and start crafting!

Psst — I highly recommend the paper bag scarecrows — wink, wink!

Paper Bag Crafts Kids Love

Paper Bag 5


Which crafts will you try first? Don’t forget the number rule of crafting — HAVE FUN!

Worry about the time and mess later, but during the crafting process learn to let go, have fun and GIGGLE with the kids!

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