Perfect Party Food For Kids

You’re planning the most amazing kid party ever, right? What’s the MAIN ingredient for a great party? Yep, you guessed it — perfect party food! Pleasing kiddos, and their parents, is not always an easy task. Plus, you have to think about convenience and cost. Let’s get your party planned the fun way — with a HUGE list of ideas to choose from. Also, be sure to check out these coupons before you do your party shopping — save money when you can! Don’t forget to tell me your fave party food ideas for kids in the comments!

prefect party food ideas for kids

Perfect Party Food for Kids

  • Totinos pizza rolls. This super-easy, yummy snack is always a hit at kid parties. I can’t help noticing the dads that keep going back for seconds! I always like to offer a fun selections, like just cheese, or pepperoni an sausage, or plain pepperoni. That way everyone gets a variety of choices. Add a special touch and offer pizza sauce for dipping!
  • Frozen pizza, cut into kid-friendly slices. We did this for a large birthday party one year, and it was a hit! We chose Red Baron Pizzas and grabbed lots of flavors and toppings. We sliced a normal slice in half and had kid-friendly portions — no food was wasted!
  • Dips galore! Kids love dip. So I love to offer fruit and fruit dip, veggies and veggie dip, and chips and cheese dip. Hey, what’s a party without dip?
  • Fruit kabobs. These are a great choice because kids on special diets can even enjoy this treat! Also, with all the fruit pre-cut, choking hazards are lowered and no one has to chop up all the little fruit pieces. Plus, kids love eating food on a stick!
  • Pigs in a blanket. I remember LOVING these when I was a little girl — and still do today! I make them for baby showers, parties and just casual get-togethers. Hot-dogs are choking hazards, so try small cocktail weenies instead or slice your hot-dogs in a child-friendly way. There are so many variations to this party food! My mom always used cheap canned biscuits, rolled them out and used sliced cheese and hot-dogs for the filling. It was quick, yummy and a party-pleaser!
  • Chicken nuggets or tenders. You can buy the frozen kind or make your own. I love to serve up these Crumb Snatchin’ Chicken Tenders. Someone always asks for the recipe!
  • Taco Bar. Prepare the meat before the party — try shredded pork, beef and chicken. Then place bowls of popular toppings on the table for kids and parents to make the perfect taco! I like to offer hard and soft shells so everyone is a happy camper!
  • Sandwich pinwheels. Grab a flour tortilla, spread your fave sandwich fillings on it, roll it up into a burrito and then slice it into small pinwheels. Quick, simple, easy and SUPER yummy!
  • Fun-shaped sandwiches. Grab out your cookie cutters and make some sandwiches in cute party shapes. Hearts, stars, circles — so many options out there!
  • Chocolate-dipped strawberries. These were a hit at my daughter’s princess party! We all felt VERY royal!
  • Sub station. One year we did this for my son’s 8th birthday. It was a COMPLETE hit! We grabbed salami, ham, turkey and any other fun deli meats we could find. We also bought lots of french brad to make some super fun subs. Smaller hoagie rolls are perfect for kiddos! We offered a cheese tray, a huge selection of condiments and or course — chips! Don’t forget the pickles!
  • Salsa bar. Tortilla chips and about 10 different salsa choices will make your party a fun success! My kids love it when we go to restaurants that offer a salsa bar. Why not bring the salsa bar home to your child’s party?

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