10 Phrases and Questions Moms of 3 or More Kids Are Tired of Hearing

Moms of three or more kids hear these negative phrases and questions constantly! Think before you speak!

If you have more than three kids it is very likely you have heard the following, unsolicited remarks from complete strangers, family and friends.

It seems no one can keep their negative views and thoughts on children to themselves.

It takes a lot of grace and patience to respond kindly and walk on, though most moms feel like fuming — especially if your kids are well-behaved!

And my response to these comments is found in the post “I’m Sorry, Not Sorry, I Have Too Many Kids.

If you have been kind enough not to open your mouth and let your opinions fly, read and re-read this list just in case these trite remarks try wiggle their way out of your mouth.

Instead, why not compliment the mom with her hands full of kiddos?

Why not send a smile her way and wave to her kids?

Trust me, they have heard enough criticism to last them a lifetime.

A couple smiles here and there wouldn’t hurt!

Phrases and Questions Moms of 3 or More Kids are Tired of Hearing

  1. “Boy, you have your hands full!”

    Yes, we know we do, and we like it that way! Don’t convince us we don’t!

  2. “Which ones are twins?”

    None of them are twins. They are all about two years apart.

  3. “One, two, three, four, five, six. You have SIX kids!”

    Yes, so glad they taught you how to count in elementary school!

  4. “You need to get a TV.”

    Wow. Do you realize how off-colored your joke is? Is that REALLY appropriate to say to a mom?

  5. “You know what causes that, right?”

    Nah, we’re still trying to figure that out.

  1. “I bet your house is fun,” said with a snicker, snicker, snort, snort.

    Well, actually it is! We have slumber parties, camp out in the living room, make s’mores on the stove, paint with fingernail polish, have tickle wars and always end up doing a dart tournament. What does your family do?

  2. “How can you afford those kids?”

    They are well-taken care of. No, we’re not on food stamps, Medicaid or WIC. Thanks for asking. All our kids’ needs are met and even their wants. They’re healthy, happy and FUN!

  3. “So, is this your last one?”

    Oh, do you mean did my husband or I get “fixed”? That’s kind of personal, don’t you think?

  4. “Better you than me.”

    Well, if that is your attitude toward kids, I totally agree.

  5. “Are they all yours?”

    Yes, they are all mine, and I absolutely love being their mom!

Moms, if you have more than three kids, enjoy the journey!

You are so blessed and have nothing to be ashamed of.

Enjoy those kisses, hugs and don’t listen to the negative Nellies that didn’t enjoy their parenting journey. Yes, there are many moms out there that hear the same personal attacks you do.

Just let your kids know you love each and every one of them. Maybe one day, just maybe, people will start viewing kids for what they really are — pint-sized treasures.

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