Preschool Story-writing—A fun activity that creates a love for reading and writing.

Riley and I have been trying to broaden our preschool horizons over these past few weeks. I’m trying to move from lots of cutesy crafts towards more educational projects. I tend to be drawn to those adorable crafts that look great on display; I regularly have to stop and remind myself that the purpose is learning , not arts and crafts (though those definitely have their place!).

Recently, Riley and I tried an activity that merged attractiveness and story writing! It’s a simple activity that can be modified to go along with any theme.

Here’s all you’ll need:

-clip art or photos of people, animals, or objects that go along with your theme
-glue, scissors, and other craft supplies to create a collage using the pictures
-paper for writing your story
-ribbon and/or staples for putting the “book” together

Nice for busy parents, this project requires little preparation. All you need to do is print out the pictures and get the other supplies together. Then, let your child decide where the objects should be placed and help her glue them to a piece of construction paper. I encourage realistic placement, but that isn’t necessary.

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Now you’re ready for the fun part. Help your little one tell a story using the picture. Ask prompting questions about the scene. I had Riley name the characters and tell me what they were saying. In the end, I was surprised at what an adorable story we had created together.

Chances are, your little one is going to love hearing the story she wrote. She’ll probably be able to “read” it without much help because it’s so familiar to her. I’m planning on making this a weekly activity. If you do the same, your little pupil will be dictating stories with very little assistance!

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