Princess Dress Craft and Game

It looks like we’re on a princess frenzy here at Pint-sized Treasures! I have four girls — what can I say?

First, my girls and I made these adorable princess crowns that encourage imaginative play for hours. (Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but my boys played with the crowns too! They were princes and kings!) But, a princess is not a REAL princess unless she has the princessessly duds to go with her royal crown! If you prefer a princess tiara, check out this easy tutorial that will help you make a flowered tiara in ten minutes! Now, that’s a fast and beautiful craft!

Enter Princess Dress Craft.

princess dress craft

When I was much, much, much younger, I remember playing “Lazarus” at church. We used toilet paper (lots of it) and wrapped up an unsuspecting volunteer mummy-style. At the end, the volunteer got to punch through all the paper. It was fun and we giggled and giggled. Then, as I grew older I saw the toilet paper rolls come out again. We made wedding dresses for brides-to-be. We came up with all kinds of creations and it really added a lot of girly fun to the bridal showers. I wanted to share those memories with my kiddos, but in a different way. They’re not to much into mummies or brides, so a toilet paper princess dress was just the thing!

princess craft

If I have my way, I like to choose Scott Extra Soft bath tissue because it goes a long way. Plus, it’s durable when you have to tuck in all those decorative touches to the dress. You can snag a great deal on Scott products at your local Kmart. Check out Kmart’s Shop You Way Rewards for great coupon offers on Scott Tissue products this week! So go ahead and load up your shopping cart!

princess dress craft

Once you snag your toilet paper that’s all the supplies you need to do this fun craft that can be turned into a game for a party or get together. Oh, of course you need an adorable six-year-old, but you can’t have mine — she’s taken! So, just for you tutorial people, here’s a simple one for this fun craft!

toilet paper dress

Princess Dress Craft

Materials needed:

lots of toilet paper (about two rolls per dress)
a cute model or volunteer to be your princess


First, think what kind of princess dress you want to create. You can even give your young crafters some ideas before you begin. Then, get to rolling! I have found it best to start from the bottom and work to the top. Have fun!

My beautiful blondie was my ever-so-sweet model for this craft. Her sisters and I had fun twisting, turning and tucking all the toilet paper. We even made a little flower to go on the front. Some of my girls have made earrings, shoes and even tiaras for their princess dresses. The sky is the limit — until you run out of toilet paper — wink, wink!

Princess Dress Game

If you want to turn this fun craft into a game, simply break up into small groups and assign one princess and three or more dressmakers. Have a contest for the most unique and beautiful dress. Set a time limit to make it more fun. Ten minutes is a reasonable and fun time limit to keep things moving. This game was a hit when two of my daughters turned two and four. We rewarded the entire winning team with an extra treat.

princess dress craft

Have you ever made any fun crafts or games with toilet paper? We love making fun crafts from toilet paper because the materials are always siting around the house! Please share your creative ideas in the comments. If you make this craft with your kiddos, be sure to share it on our Facebook page!


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