Printable Conversation Hearts Twister Game

Printable Conversation Hearts Twister Game

It’s the perfect way to put a Valentine’s Twist to a classic party game!

 We’re loving all the variations of DIY Twister! We’ve created a handprint Twister, a pumpkin Twister, a Snowman Twister and now a Conversation Heart Twister to celebrate a day of love, fun and giggles!

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In our Conversation heart printable set you’ll also find we offer iron-on transfers (those will look backwards) as an option if you want to play on a large cloth!

A printable Conversation Heart Twister game that is perfect for learning and just plain fun! #conversationhearts #printablegames #Valentinesdaygames #valentinesday #activitiesforValentinesDay  #Valent

Makes it easier to play the game for years!

It’s easy storage too!

And if you want to try another conversation heart game, try this simple candy heart game!

conversation heart twister spinner set

Not sure how to do an iron-on transfer?

Here are some simple instructions to follow:

Candy Hearts Twister Game

  1. Download the printable and place it on a piece of transfer paper. The printable is already reversed so it will end up transferring correctly. Tip: Follow the directions on the transfer paper’s packaging to know which side of the paper to print on.
  1. Cut around the hearts.
  2. Lay the quote onto your large cloth that will be your game board with the ink side facing down.
  3. Following the directions for the transfer paper, use the iron to transfer the conversation hearts to the fabric.
  4. Gently pull off the paper backing. If you notice that some of the hearts did not completely transfer, simply lay the paper back down and iron over it a few more times.
  5. Once the images are transfered and the paper backing has been removed, your Twister game board!
Twister game played with printable conversation hearts

For the printable version, you can print out the hearts and spinner on cardstock.

Then, cut out all the hearts and glue or tape them to large, thick paper (think Giant poster board.)

Try one or both ways to create the perfect game for your crew!

printable conversation heart twister game

If you want to have an entire theme of conversation hearts for the day, be sure to try our Conversation Hearts Rice Krispie Treats, our Salt Dough Conversation hearts, our Conversation Heart Tic-Tac-Toe as well as our Conversation Hearts Memory Game!

And we believe that every game is a learning opportunity!

Use our Conversation Hearts Twister game to teach colors, right hand, left hand, hand-eye coordination, following instructions and listening skills!

Using games to teach basic concepts is an effective way to puta desire to learn into the soul and mind of your ever-learning child!

easy printable twister game for valentine''s day

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