How to Love Your No Good Very Bad Husband eBook


Dear Wife,

Don’t walk away from your marriage. There are many women just like you who are suffering in their marriages. They think all hope is lost. They’re convinced they’ve married a no good, very bad husband…and maybe they have. But, maybe they haven’t…

It’s all so easy to believe that our marriage problems are always the result of our husband’s flaws and mess-ups. But if we really want to transform our marriage, we have to dig deep and strive to fill our marriage with love, forgiveness and hope.

And that, dear wife, can start with you.

Dig into this book today as we openly and candidly discuss how you can begin to love your no good, very bad husband. And you know what? You just may see that love returned and multiplied!


Alison Wood

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I think the idea of “no good, terrible husbands” really became popular in the early 90s. I was only a young child then, but I could already hear the criticism in women’s voices as they began to compare themselves to their husbands.

Women thought they were super hard workers and men were lazy.

Women thought men were lust-driven, unfaithful animals and women were romantics who stayed faithful in marriage.

Women thought men were not overly intelligent because they didn’t always listen to their intuitions.

Husband bashing became popular in movies and television. Talk shows were made up with crowds of women who always offered an agreeable nod when yet another woman would bash her husband in front of the camera.

This idea became like a rolling snowball and picked up momentum and followers. By the time I said “I do” in the year 2000, I was already bombarded with women snickering about their “no good, very bad” husbands.

But in the first few years of my marriage, I was blessed to meet a few women who taught me otherwise. They taught me to love my husband. They taught me that husbands are not always horrible. They taught me that men will mess up. They taught me to forgive and communicate.

As time went on, I began receiving emails from women across the globe asking for help. Many of them were married to a no good, very bad husband. My heart broke as I read their emails. Adultery, drunkeness and selfishness pervaded their husbands’ lives and the women and children were suffering the consequences. Other emails were just from women who felt unappreciated by their husbands and truly wanted to walk away from their families and never come back.

I wrote each and everyone of those women and shared with them a small portion of what I wrote in this book.

Dear wife, whether your husband is actually a “no good, very bad husband” or not, you can make a difference in his life. You can help to make your marriage better. You can choose to try to pick up the broken pieces and create something more beautiful. And this book will show just HOW to do that.Let’s build your marriage up together!

May your loving journey be more joyful than you could ever imagine!

In hopes of seeing your marriage transformed,

Alison Wood