Rainbow Paper Plate Crafts

Kids love rainbows, don’t they? These rainbow paper plate crafts are the perfect choice of craft for a busy teacher or mom who has little time to spare. With just a teeny bit of materials, you and your rainbow-loving kid can make any craft in this list!

paper plate rainbow crafts for kids

Why did I choose paper plate crafts? Because almost every mom has a few paper plates sitting in her cupboard. And you know why, right? Because moms are smart.

They know that days will come when there is little time to wash dishes.

Maybe a child is sick or the family has planned extra activities that week.

Either way,paper plates are so common that I hope many of you won’t even have to make a trip to the store to grab supplies. Just open your cabinets and kitchen drawers!

rainbow paper plate crafts

Rainbow Paper Plate Crafts

Which one will you choose first? Why not make two or three? You can never have too many rainbows, right?

Have fun!