Six Reasons Your Child’s Room is a Mess

Why Your Child’s Bedroom is Messy

Do you struggle with keeping your child’s room clean?

Help is on the way!

On this adventurous of journey of motherhood, sometimes we feel like we are hitting our heads against walls.

We don’t have all the answers and sometimes it’s just a game of trial and error to find solutions.

However, sometimes the answers to our motherhood struggles are laying on the floor or crumpled in a tiny corner.

May you find an “aha” moment today and get your child’s room under control!

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Why Your Child’s Room is a Constant Mess

Life is too busy.

I have been down this road.

When I was a teen, I was taxed out with holiday events that I barely had time to run home and change outfits.

My room was super scary — and that was why.

Life was just too busy, and something needed to change.

If your child or teen’s room is a wreck, try cutting back on some extracurricular areas to give her more wiggle room in her daily schedule.

Then, make clean-up routines a party of everyday life!

Lack of supervision.

Most kids will not scurry to their rooms and clean efficiently if a parent commands, “Clean your room!”

Nope — but I wish it were that simple!

It takes intentional parenting to keep your child’s room on the tidy track.

In addition to regular clean-up times, peek in their room several times per day to check and double check the status.

For my six kids, we have an average of four or five “room checks” per day to keep kid rooms neat.

Your child is totally distracted.

I’m constantly reminding my kids to focus, focus, focus.


Because they may be doing a chore, but they’re not focused on doing a great job.

In fact, sometimes they get distracted when the phone rings or they hear another kid playing legos.

We have a rule around the house — work before play.

Play is definitely an important part of a child’s life, so we make time for that too!

But play time only comes after chores — always!

Too much clutter.

Clutter and junk stress me out.

It stresses me kids out too!

I find our family, and most other families, work together more effectively when there is less junk in the house to topple over, put away, or store.

Find out specific ways to create a clutter-free kids room here.

If you don’t love something and rarely use it — toss it!

Donate your items if they’re still in good shape, and any other yucky, old junk needs to be tossed!

We also have a crazy-fun organizing a de-junking system for kids toys.

We call it our Toy Switcharoos Plan.

It truly works wonders!

declutter with toy switcharoos

Keeping the minimal items your child needs in her room will help keep the bedroom tidy and less messy!

For genius secrets to a clutter-free kid’s room check out this great read!

No storage space.

It’s frustrating for anyone to be told to clean up when there is really no place for items to go.

Make sure your child has adequate storage space for clothing, shoes, books and toys.

Check out our fave find for clothing storage below — be sure to read the reviews too — they’re GREAT!

Lack of organization.

Taking time to organize your child’s room so she can keep it organized is truly worth the investment.

In fact, many companies offer storage solutions that are not only convenient, but add touches of cuteness and style to your child’s room.

See our fave find by clicking the image above!

Is your child’s room a total mess?

Have you found any solutions to keep your child’s room clean?

Let’s chat about it on social media!

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