Why A SAHM is a Gift to Her Husband

This is one of those “hot-topic” debates, don’t you think? However, I’m not trying to spark a heated discussion, but rather encourage sahms to know they are valuable to their husbands — and in essence, gifts.

I love reading parenting articles. They always get my mind churning about this motherhood thing. New ideas, parenting hacks and even encouragement are all to be found. The other week, this article came up in my Facebook feed. The title caught my attention and it was a great reminder of how a sahm can be a blessing to her husband.

sahms are gifts

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Sahms, did you know that when your husband is at work that it is a relief for him to know that his children are well-taken care of?

It really is. He doesn’t have to worry if his kids are being treated well, fed or educated — he knows and trusts that you are getting all that done. His children are in the most loving pair of hands in the world — their mother’s.

When it’s close to 5 p.m., do you know what most husbands are thinking about? Relaxing at home — and a home-cooked meal.

They are tired, they have been out and about with tons of adults — some nice, and some not so nice. If he has a cozy, comfortable home and a wife that adores him, he looks forward to that — every single day. In fact, some men call it “a little piece of heaven.” Does your husband get to enjoy that? I hope so!

sahms are gifts

I know some moms don’t have a choice. They have to work outside the home. However, some moms simply choose to work outside the home, and their husband never knows the gift of a sahm. In fact, I would dare call it a priceless, but many times, under-valued gift.

Do you know one thing I love about being a sahm? I am also my husband’s personal assistant/secretary. I know some women may not enjoy this, but I do. I love knowing that my husband can call me anytime of the day, and he knows I will drop what I am doing to bring him his papers he forgot, or find a number for him, make a phone call or whatever he needs. I love that I can be there when he needs me — day or night. It’s just a small way I can show him how much I love that I get to be his wife. Really, it’s an honor to be called Mrs. Wood. Oh, I love the sound of that!

Sometimes sahms are given the impression that they are not contributing to society. Let me let you in on a little secret. Sahms are contributing in a super-big way. You see that brilliant, secure, happy child over there? That child is the result of a mom who nurtured, taught, and provided a secure atmosphere at home where he could learn and grow. That child will grow up and be a thriving member in society through encouraging, helping and loving others — because that is what his sahm taught him to do.

sahms are gifts

You see that husband that always seems altogether at work? He has a wife who is a sahm. She ensures his meals, clothes, emotional needs and health is taken care of. He is a confident leader because his wife chooses to build him up and help him in whatever way he needs.

You see those neighbors down the street at are smiling? They are smiling because a sahm offered to clean their house, buy their groceriess or just took them a plate of cookies. She has time to reach out to them because she made the decision to stay at home and help her family first — and then others. And you know what? Society benefits from it.

So, sahm, you are important to society. You are a luxury and a gift to your husband. You are the sunshine in your neighbor’s day and the smile on your child’s face. Just because you don’t get a paycheck, awards or honors, doesn’t mean that you are not gaining rewards unseen. Just keep loving, serving and enjoy being a sahm!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.