My Secret Gorgeous Hair Hack You Wish You Knew

Gorgeous hair for busy moms? Is that even possible?!

You’ll be a believer once you read this gorgeous hair hack!

Life get’s crazy busy as a mom! Busy moms have resort to dry shampoos, mom buns and even the classic ponytail to try to tame tresses without investing loads of time into primping, curling or straightening.

Enter my secret gorgeous hair hack you wish you knew.

gorgeous hair hack you wished you knew

And busy moms, you will want to tell all your busy mom friends about this ever-forgotten hair hack that our grandmas, great-grandmas and even great-great grandmas swore by (except my Grandma — she never swore — and she lectured me about swearing — ha!)

But I won’t tell you about this secret gorgeous hair hack.

Instead, I’ll let my friend Christy tell you because she’s the expert on this topic and you’ll absolutely drool over her long, gorgeous, ready-for-date night, wavy locks!

gorgeous hair hack you wished you knew

Come on in Christy and chat with us about your secret gorgeous hair hack!

Enter Christy! (Applause…wink, wink!)

Hi readers! I’m Christy. I’m a youth pastor’s wife and a mother of three.

Alison has been a friend and mentor of mine for over ten years.

She asked me to share this secret gorgeous hair hack that I recently came across and LOVE!

And moms, I think you’ll love this hair hack as much as I do! <3

First off, I have waist length, stick straight hair.

As a mom of three boys my busy mornings leave approximately five minutes to get ready.

Five teeny-tiny minutes.

And what have I resorted to because of only five minutes of pretty-prep time?

A messy bun.

Almost every single day.

While it can be a cute look, it was making me feel really sloppy and would put a lot of strain on my head.

I was even getting headaches!

So I searched for a time-saving hair solution that would still create a cute look.

I wanted easy hairstyles that would help me feel put together, without the fuss of spending oodles of time getting ready.

Then I had a lightbulb moment —– granny rollers!

gorgeous hair hack you wished you knew

My grandmother went to sleep every single night with rollers in her hair.

She used small pink plastic rollers that were torturous to sleep on (I was her guinea pig many a night.)

But her hair was absolutely beautiful — stunning even — and she’s still remembered for always being “put together.”

Following her inspiration, I went on a search for the perfect set of curlers and I found these soft, squishy curling rods that are soft enough to sleep on but long enough to roll waist length hair.

For only $11, they were definitely worth a try.

gorgeous hair hack

And the verdict on these super-soft curling rods?

They’ve been perfect.

After washing my hair I add a palmful of curling mousse, rub it through my hair and then let it dry until just damp.

Then, I roll my hair in one inch sections.

It only takes about ten minutes.

I sleep in these super-soft curlers all night.

In the morning I give them a quick shot of the hairdryer to make sure my super long hair is dry inside, and then pull them out.

The results speak for themselves.

secret gorgeous hair hack

The left image shows my hair immediately after I pull the curling rods out. The right image shows the curls brushed out with a wide tooth comb (and I painted the barn).

These curls last all day — even for a mom with lots of kids to chase after!

Since I started using these I rarely put my hair into my old standby bun.

And the best part?

I feel so lovely and put together — with minimal effort.

Hope you love my secret gorgeous hair hack! Be sure to let us know if you try it and love it too!

And there’s a few more time-saving hair ideas below in a fun video! Enjoy!

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