Simple, Nutella Sandwich Cookies — Cooking with Kids Series

Connecting with and celebrating kids is the main focus of Pint-sized Treasures. One fun way to connect with your kids is by cooking with them! So many learning opportunities await your munchkins in the kitchen. Check out the newest recipe below that is kid-friendly and fun on our Cooking with Kids series.

nutella cookies

Simple, Nutella Sandwich Cookies

Sometimes the girls and I are in need of a sweet little snack right after nap time. With dinner to prepare and chores to finish, we don’t have loads of spare time to make cupcakes or bake a cake. Since we don’t usually have any packaged sweets in the house, this means that we have to whip something up. My girls are typically a little clingy right after naps, so I like to choose something simple so they can join in on the cooking fun!

graham cracker sandwhiches

Enter these super simple Nutella sandwich “cookies.” All you’ll need is a few ingredients to create these tasty, little treats. When you fill graham crackers with chocolate-hazelnut, butter-cream — you simply can’t go wrong.

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1/2 c. butter, softened
1/2 t. vanilla extract
1 t. milk
1 c. powdered sugar (use more or less until you reach the desired consistency)
2 dollops of Nutella or other chocolate-hazelnut spread (I just use my largest spoon and plop some in)
graham crackers (we like the cinnamon and sugar variety, but any will do)


In a medium-sized bowl, let your little helper use the mixer to cream together butter, vanilla, and milk. Slowly mix in powdered sugar. After mixture is smooth, add in Nutella and blend until creamy. Add more powdered sugar if necessary. Have your kids break the graham crackers in half and spread with the icing. Place another graham cracker on top.

It’s HIGHLY recommended that you have a glass of milk sitting nearby.You know what they say…”If you give a kid a sandwich, she’ll ask for some milk to go with it!” These simple, nutella sandwiches will pair up perfectly with a glass of milk — for mom and the kiddos!

cooking with kids

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