7 Simple Ways SAHMS Can Get Motivated!

No bonuses, crunch time or raises.
No supervisor, work reports or co-workers.

A sahm doesn’t have those naturally motivating helps in her life, so she has to depend on other items to get her moving and keep her moving. It’s all too easy to slump into a slow, uninspired mode when no one sees us throughout the day, isn’t it?

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I have been blessed to be a sahm for almost 13 years. It’s an incredible journey and I absolutely love it. I teared up last night as I watched the Duggars talking about this new season in their life — seeing their children get married, move away and start new lives of their own.

Yes, after I became a mother I often wondered why people didn’t tell me it was such a wonderful, amazing job. But, even though I love being a sahm, there are days when I want to just slump around. If I give into that desire, at the end of the day my kids are cranky, I am stressed and my husband is not the happiest camper. But, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that work for me to keep me motivated until I can crash, relax and unwind.

Several years ago a friend and I were in charge of a college banquet. We traveled around an entire day going from business to business signing papers and picking up gift cards for some fun raffle gifts. It literally took us all day long — with our toddlers in tow. To top it off, we had a work night for the same banquet that very night with about eight other ladies. Not exactly the best plan, I know. I knew I was stretched and tired, but I did these quick tricks below and they kept me going for two more hours so I could stay faithful to my commitment to work that night.

Other moms told me these same tips and tricks work for them, so I hope they will for you too!

So grab a pen and pencil and jot these ideas down. Stick these ideas to your fridge and be prepared to stay motivated — with or without a supervisor!

  • Pull up your hair. Normally I wear my hair down. I wear it straight, curled, in a head band, in barrettes or a small claw clip, but it’s almost always down. Putting my hair up in a twistie, big claw clip or anything to get it off my shoulders for some weird reason puts me in the “let’s get moving” mindset.
  • Grab a quick shower. Just a 2-3 minute shower really refreshes me and motivates me to get moving again. I feel like I just got a fresh new start, and yes I actually change my clothes too — but I don’t bother ironing unless absolutely necessary!
  • Take a power nap. You have to set a timer or alarm clock for this one, or you could be snoozing way too long! Let your body rejuvenate for 10-15 minutes. Even if you don’t fall asleep, just enjoying quiet rest is so refreshing for a busy, sahm. What do you do with your kids? Plan your power nap during their naps. Sometimes I let my kids watch a cartoon for ten of fifteen minutes on the tablet and I rest in the same room. But, that is because my kids stay quiet when they are watching a cartoon!
  • Enjoy some coffee or hot tea. Not sure if these work for you, but for me, these are awesome motivators! A good cup of coffee or tea sends signals of happiness to my brain. Coffee gives me more energy and tea calms me down, but a good cup of tea (Chai is my fave) still makes me feel refreshed so I face my responsibilities stress-free.
  • Freshen up hair and face. I know some of you moms don’t wear make-up, and that is fine with me, but, one of my secrets for getting motivated is putting on my make-up and styling my hair. I don’t do this for major scrubbing days, but just the normal, day-to-day activities. Deep cleaning days, my hair is going up in a pony-tail of some sort!
  • Redecorate your house. No, you don’t have to run out to the store and buy something new, just work with what you have! Rearrange the furniture, switch out the drapes, pull out some silk flowers or cute frames and change things up a bit. Just a little bit here or there will help you desire to make your home a happy, clean and beautiful place!
  • Turn on some favorite tunes. Don’t laugh, but the William Tell Overture really gets me moving — especially when my kiddos get involved. They love pretending they are all galloping from chore to chore and it really helps all of us re-gain an “I can do it!” spirit!

If you’re a sahm, what gets you moving and charged for the day? Share in the comments!