Printable Snowman Twister Game

Find out How to Play This Snowman Twister!

You can find a handprint twister, pumpkin twister and now a snowman twister on this website now!

Because preschoolers love games!

We love making moms and preschoolers smile — so go ahead and print out this crazy-fun twister today!

Snowman Twister Game instructions

How Can Preschoolers Use the Snow Man Twister Game?

Oh, there’s so many ways!

  • Teaching your preschooler the difference between her right and left hand.
  • Teaching simple cutting skills when you cut out the printables.
  • Teach sequencing skills. Tell your preschooler to cut out the hats first, scarves second, and carrots third.
  • Teach hand-eye coordination by simply playing the game!

And character learning?

With this game, kids learn that in real life, there are winners and losers.

Plus, they learn it’s totally ok if you don’t win!!

Plus, everyone ends up in giggles even when someone else wins the game! <3

Printable Snowman Twister Is a Fun, Learning Game

Don’t you love simple games that are also learning tools?

Since we’re all busy moms, I want you to know there are several options with this fun printable packet.

How many Games Can You Make from This Printable?

You can make as many sets of the snowman accessories that your board, poster board or large paper can hold!

We made this Twister board in sets of three so we could lay the carrot noses sideways.

However, if you turn the carrots vertical you can get a traditional board set up — four rows of five objects.

But again, this Twister packet is so flexible that you can make it as big or small as you and your preschooler want to use!

Want to Know Something Super-fun about this Snowman Twister game?

You can even just print out all the fun accessories and create a BIG snowman!

You can draw the body on a dry erase board or even with sidewalk chalk on the ground and then add the printable accessories.

playing the snowman twister game

Another fun game with preschoolers would be to have several preschoolers make their own snowman on the ground!

Lots of fun options from this one, simple game!

Are you ready to take the traditional Twister game to a whole new level — snowman style?

Grab the printable set below and get ready for fun, learning and giggles!

Snowman Twister Game

Materials needed:
  • Posterboard
  • Snowman Twister Printable Packet
  • Spinner Printable
  • Piece of sturdy cardboard or a small piece of posterboard
  • Bracket for the spinner
  1. Print out all printables and tape to the ground outside or on large poster board.
  2. Create as many columns as you want or follow the traditional Twister game set-up which is four rows of five objects.
  3. Print out all the spinner printables and glue onto a piece of cardboard or small piece of poster board.
  4. For the spinner, you have two options. You can print out the printable spinner and glue it onto a piece of thick card stock or cardboard to making a thicker spinner.
  5. Hold the spinner in place by using a brass bracket.
  6. Now you’re ready to get started playing!
  7. To play the game, spin to see which hand/foot goes where, and do what it says!
  8. Keep playing until someone falls. Whoever lasts the longest is the winner!

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