The Squatting Trick Parents Should Try

Learn Why Parents Should Talk With Kids on Eye Level

One of my favorite parenting tips is all about communicating with kids.

This one tip makes a huge difference when conversing with your child.

Many parent/child relationship issues could be resolved with this one, simple trick!

When you’re in a conversation, what body language lets you know the other person is interested in you, your words, and the situation at hand?

Eye contact.

It’s very difficult to carry on a conversation with someone who’s looking all over the room and not engaging with the conversation.

It makes you feel unimportant in the other individual’s life.

There is no difference in your conversations with your own children.

However, in order to get on their eye level you have to do one thing: squat.

There’s probably loads of excuses you’re thinking of right now as to why you shouldn’t have to squat.

But, just try it — for one week.

It will, without any doubt, change your parenting journey.


Because this simple change in body language takes parent/child communication to a much deeper level.

First, you’re not “lording” over your child as a huge, gigantic being.

When you stand up and you’re five feet eight inches tall and peer down at your four-year-old, the perception your four-year-old is receiving is quite intimidating.

But when you squat, the intimidation dissipates.

Second, when you squat, you are making eye contact with your child — on her level.

It’s eye-to-eye contact, which is very personal.

This personal change in your parent/child conversations bridges many gaps in your relationship of communication.

Third, when you squat and make eye-to-eye contact, you are showing your child that your conversation is very important.

It’s not just your words that are speaking this, it’s your body.

Everything about you is sending positive messages to your child.

Even with my nieces, nephews, and kids that come to church, I notice a big difference in their reaction to me when I simply take a few minutes to squat, ask them about their day, their toy, their baby brother etc.

In just a few seconds I’ve seen their countenance change from shy to welcoming because I took a few seconds to bridge the visual gap between us with one simple change.

Often times we completely underestimate what major effects time and attention has on our very own children.

Try to carve out a few minutes every single day to just squat, chat ,and listen to your child.

And yes, though it’s not feasible every single time, try to be consciously aware of the squatting trick when your child asks questions or desires help throughout the day.

Our eye contact on a child’s eye level sometimes speaks louder than affectionate words.

It’s a simple and small way you can show your child today that you care and she matters.

Try the squatting trick today.

You’ve got nothing to lose.

Just try it and see how it changes your parenting journey — for the better!

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