Stained Glass Art Craft For Kids — FREE Printable

My kids love art projects — the more the merrier! Stained glass art crafts are a great way for kids to see how colors can be brought together to create a masterpiece. Your kids will love this craft as a simple, hands-on activity. Who doesn’t love playing with glitter?!

Besides all the crafting fun that goes on with kids art projects, what else do kids love? They love showing off their projects. This stained glass art project is perfect for displaying in your kitchen or dining room windows just to remind your child that he created something beautiful — with you!

stained glass art craft for kids

Stained Glass Art Craft for Kids

Materials needed:

Free Printable
x-acto knife or scissors
small squares cut from tissue gift paper
clear peal and stick laminate contact paper (found in the with other contact paper in the home department at Wal-mart)

stained glass craft printable

Download printable here.


  1. Print printable on colored paper of your choice.
  2. Using an x-acto knife, cut out the center of the star leaving the bold black lines as your outline.
  3. Cut a piece of contact paper just slightly larger than your paper. Prepare a clean work surface and place your paper face up flat on your surface.
  4. Peel the backing off your laminate and hold the sides. Place the center of the laminate on the center of your paper and then lightly press the contact paper out from the center to the edges. Since the contact paper is easily repositioned, you will be able to easily pick it up and turn it over.
  5. Apply as many tissue squares as possible — kids LOVE this part!.
  6. Sprinkle glitter into uncovered areas and shake off any excess.
  7. Now, cut a second piece of laminate and cover the back.
  8. Trim the excess laminate from all four edges. Now, it’s ready to hang or display!